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Cas Series

26.35 Home Truths – 12/5/21

S26 E35 (12 May 12) Home Truths by Julian Perkins

Episode Summary

Relationship issues abound in the ED as a broken-hearted Dylan finds it impossible to work with Sam and Lloyd’s jealousy infuriates Scarlett.

Following the previous week’s revelations, an extremely grumpy Dylan is finding it impossible to work alongside Sam. Forced to liaise over a disabled patient and his over-protective daughter, the two come to an uneasy truce to get to the bottom of the case. But the tension proves too much for Sam and she makes an impulsive decision.

Meanwhile Lloyd is becoming increasingly possessive of Scarlett, irritating her and affecting his work. Tired of the bickering, Lloyd asks Scarlett if they can come ‘out’ and announce their relationship to their colleagues.

And it’s decision time for Lenny when he receives a tempting job offer from London. Is it time to pack up his medical bag and leave Holby for the Big Smoke?

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