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S26 E37 (2 Jun 12) All in a Day’s Nightmare (Part One) by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Charlie helps a family to deal with a 15-year-debt which has come back to haunt them, while Britney takes an online relationship too far, in the first of a two-part episode.

Father of two Clive is brought into the ED with serious injuries, but he lies to his family about how he received them. The mystery deepens when a strange woman claiming to be Clive’s wife arrives at his bedside. Despite the presence of bickering police officers Chris (John Pickard) and Preeya (Priyanga Burford), it’s left to the more experienced Charlie to work out that Clive is being harassed by loan sharks.

Linda is forced to bring a suspended Britney into work with her, but the teenager defies Linda’s ban on using the ED wifi and wheedles the password out of Lenny. When Lenny discovers that she has arranged to meet someone she’s been talking to in a chatroom, he chases her out of the ED. Panicked, Britney gets in a car with the stranger.

Meanwhile Scarlett’s first meeting with Lloyd’s family doesn’t go according to plan, when she turns down his mum’s specially prepared dinner.

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