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Cas Series

26.04 Memory Games – 3/9/11

S26 E4 (3 Sep 11) : Memory Games by Frank Rickarby

Episode Summary

Former Dynasty star Emma Samms stars as a terrified woman who believes she’s being pursued by a stranger, as the medical drama celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Rachel (Samms) is brought into the ED with a fractured leg she sustained when running from a stalker. When Rachel’s pursuer appears to have followed her to the hospital, security is stepped up, until Rachel’s husband Matt appears and tells the team the attacker is all in Rachel’s mind. Can demon diagnoser Dylan get to the root of Rachel’s condition?

Zoe is surprised to discover that Dylan is a Basics volunteer, helping paramedics at the scene of accidents. But later, in a rare moment of openness, Dylan reveals the real reason for his altruistic behaviour.

Meanwhile, new boy Lloyd clashes with mentor Jay and is forced to go to Tess with his grievances.

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