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Cas Series

26.06 Fixed – 24/9/11

S26 E6 (24 Sep 11) : Fixed by Matthew Broughton

Episode Summary

Tina O’Brien and Naomi Bentley return as recovering drug addicts Annie and Chloe, and Charlie’s drugs programme comes under threat.

Annie and Chloe are back in the ED. Chloe is being treated for a blood clot on the leg and Annie is convinced that she’s using again. Annie’s worst fears are realised when sinister dealer Felix turns up, putting both Chloe’s safety and the future of the clinic severely under threat.

Disappointed by his staff’s attitude, Jordan appoints himself “head of complacency” and his first target is Zoe. But a bad day at the office for Zoe ends in a surprising promotion.

Meanwhile, the appearance of an estranged brother at a funeral ends in violence and the revelation of a long-held family secret…

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