S26 E09

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S26 E9 (15 Oct 11) : Mea Culpa by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

The Tudors and Wildfire star Charlotte Salt joins the Casualty cast as ambitious army medic Sam Nicholls, and West End singing sensation Tracie Bennett guest stars as a grieving mother.

Fast-living, fearless and feisty, Major Sam Nicholls marches into the ED for her new job on secondment. So keen is she to get going that she turns up a day early asking to join a paramedic crew and get a feel for Holby. But Sam soon has to rely on all her army training when an aggressive driver with a grudge rams the ambulance off the road trying to get at the patient inside…

Meanwhile, Noel is keen to step up his security after a run-in with an angry patient. But a sensitive encounter with grieving mother Seonaidh convinces him that he doesn’t want to be shielded from the public after all.

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