27.6 Evolve or Be Extinct 29/9/12

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S27 E6 (29 Sep 12) : Evolve or Be Extinct by Andy Rattenbury

Episode Summary

A moment of recklessness comes back to haunt a young driver and Fletch attempts to lighten up Lloyd.

As Ryan Bradshaw heads out to meet his girlfriend’s daughter for the first time, he gets the shock of his life as an old acquaintance, Connor, turns up at the same restaurant. As Ryan tries to remain calm, Connor makes a run for it, quickly ending up in the ED. But what spooked Connor and how is he linked to Ryan?

Back in the ED, medical student Annie presents with a broken arm after a big night out, but is it just a hangover of something more serious? Lloyd also spends the day suffering after Fletch shows him a night on the tiles.

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