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Cas Series

27.11 When Love Breaks Down – 3/11/12

S27 E11 (3 Nov 12) : When Love Breaks Down by Frank Rickarby

Episode Summary

Amanda returns to the ED, as a teenager struggles to kick a bad habit and a mother-to-be suffers a scare.

As troubled teen Angel battles to find the money to pay her friend Christie, she knows time is running out and has to get it by any means possible. Spotting an opportunity with her uncle Spike she begs him for the cash, but unable to pay immediately Angel takes drastic measures, sending her uncle to the ED more than once.

Meanwhile Anna is rushed to the hospital after suffering a possible heart attack, but she is more concerned about her baby.

Amanda, who was previously saved by Dylan and Sam when a cave collapsed, returns to the ED with her unwell friend Helen. Happy to see Dylan, she plucks up the courage to ask him on a date. Encouraged by Sam, Dylan agrees, but as he catches sight of Sam and Tom flirting it becomes clear his mind is on anything but the date.

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