27.14 My Aim is True – 1/12/12

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S27 E14 (1 Dec 12) : My Aim is True by Tom Needham

Episode Summary

Dylan’s suspicions about Amanda reach boiling point and Tom is confronted by an unwelcome face from the past, as Zoe and Fletch treat a mother in distress in Casualty: My Aim Is True.

Zoe and Fletch treat a young mother with Down’s Syndrome, Meg, and her baby, Amy, following an accident at home. But accusations from an unlikely source that Meg isn’t a fit mother begin to circulate as Amy struggles to breathe.

Meanwhile, Tom is unnerved by the arrival of new locum consultant, Dominic, whom he has worked with before. But as Dominic proves himself an asset to the team, Tom keeps quiet about his concerns.

As Dylan’s suspicions about Amanda deepen, he decides to attend the ED Christmas party, where the truth about Amanda is revealed.

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