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Cas Series

27.20 Broken Heart Syndrome – 26/1/13

s27e20S27 E20 (26 Jan 13) : Broken Heart Syndrome by David Bowker

Episode Summary

It’s the day of Yvonne’s funeral and Jordan struggles to say to goodbye, as a blast from the past turns his world upside down.

As Jordan grieves for Yvonne, he receives a message from the Young Offenders Institute where her accused attacker, Nylon, is awaiting trial. Initially refusing his plea to visit, Jordan returns to the ED, throwing himself into his work, but can he ignore the chance to face Yvonne’s attacker once and for all?

Meanwhile, Yvonne’s true assailant, Mehmet, and his wife, Yasmin, begin to crack under the pressure of their secret.

Elsewhere, the ED team must work out the identity of a mystery man and locate his missing son.

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