29.31 The Department of Secrets – 2/5/15

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‘The Department of Secrets’ : It’s the day of Connie’s trial for Alfred’s murder: but if Rita comes clean and Charlie takes the tranquilizers to the police, could she clear her name?

Dixie attends a care home where a young girl has cut her wrists. She’s admitted into the Emergency Department, where Rita sees that the patient is vulnerable and suspects she is being abused. Rita helps the young girl get bittersweet justice.

An elderly woman is brought into the Emergency Department with hypothermia and suspected dementia. When her daughter, Eileen, arrives she hits out at her and Eileen admits to Big Mac that it’s difficult living with her mother’s illness. Big Mac encourages mother and daughter to seek support.

Louis’s in trouble in a hospital in Bucharest. Connie and Charlie go to help him.

Written by Paul Matthew Thompson

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