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HC Past Series

S4 E44

S4 E44 (6 Aug 02) : Judas Kiss (Part 2) by Stuart Morris

Episode Summary

Ric is called back into work after Nicholas Critchley is admitted to Kellar from A&E with a bowel obstruction. He is suffering from severe abdominal pain so Ric decides to operate immediately to find the cause. Ric and Dianne find that Mr Critchley, who had previously suffered with cancer of the colon, now has cancer in his intestine and liver. Mr Critchley tells Ric that instead of spending the last few months of his life in hospital, he will travel to Australia with his new wife, to visit his son. Diane thinks he is crazy to not have treatment but Ric believes, “there are occasions when a heart must rule the head”, to which Diane replies, “urgh, you’re such a hopeless romantic”. She persuades him to speak to [ID 572]Sam[/ID] as it’s obvious he still has feelings for her.

The main storyline in this episode surrounds young heart patient, Rufas Wooding. Meyer and his team now operate on Rufas, carrying out the same operation that they intended to earlier in the day, before Rufas’ parents changed their minds. Whilst Rufas is in theatre, his parents wait outside. “Dr Kennedy’s only an SHO, why did you listen to her?” Marion Wooding asks her husband. He replies that he feared Rufas would die, and there is obviously a difference of opinion and tension between them. After arguing, Paul Wooding leaves and talks to Steve about how their whole life is based around Rufas and his illness. After hours in surgery, Rufas’ heart is still not strong enough to work alone and is unable to be taken off bypass, so he rushed to the high dependency unit. On the way there, his condition worsens and he dies. From Marion and Pauls reaction, Meyer becomes suspects that someone has spoken to them, and the prime suspect is Alex. Meyer is extremely angry and speaks to Alex, he wants to know, if it wasn’t him who spoke to the Woodings, “then whom?” Alex admits that he had doubts, resulting in Meyer putting him on probation, and finally answers, “It was Dr Kennedy”.

Having already spoken to the Woodings, Sam suspects they will make a complaint, so isn’t surprised when she is summoned to see Meyer. She coolly tells him that she can explain, but Meyer is not prepared to listen and informs her that she is suspended for undermining his authority and betraying his trust. Sam is disgusted and calls Meyer, “He who must be obeyed”, before resigning. She immediately tries phoning other hospitals to apply for a job, briefly interrupted by Ric ringing her, but Meyer has already given out a bad reference about her. Sam retains her fighting spirit, telling Alex that Meyer won’t be so smug when he realises he’s lost him as well. Alex looks shocked but is paged so rushes off. Sam passes Meyer in the corridor and asks shouts at him, it is now that she finds out that Alex is to blame for Meyer suspending her. Sam then heads to Ric’s office, and suggests that they leave Holby together. Ric vows to help her in any way he can but asks why he should leave behind everything he has at Holby? Sam tells him he should leave because she would be his wife. She tells him that she loves him, not Alex. Although Ric is tempted, he can’t believe that she really does love him and turns her down. Sam storms off, stopping to shout at Alex and insult him in front of Ric and Diane before leaving. Instead of going after her, Alex follows Meyer to visit a patient. Sam goes to see Jan, and threatens to involve the press.

Janice remains in theatre at the beginning of the episode, as Owen cannot stop her from bleeding. Eventually her condition stabilises and she returns to a ward in the maternity unit. When she wakes up, she is horrified to learn that her baby daughter needs a heart operation, which is being carried out by Alistair, the baby’s father! The baby has a low blood pressure and tests show that she requires surgery to remove an aortic valve. Alistair is worried, believing time is crucial to his daughter’s life, so carries out the operation himself, despite advice from Owen and Meyer against doing so. Meyer helps to finish off the operation and Janice is finally able to see her daughter, naming her Flora, her mother’s name.

Sandy is still moaning to Danny about Lisa, and takes action by shouting at Lisa. Lisa is not happy because she has been up all night, helping to save Janice’s life. Danny asks Ben to come round to the flat, in an attempt to ease the tension. Unknown to Danny, in the canteen that day Lisa, Sandy and Ben have all been discussing how they ‘wouldn’t say no’ to him! At the flat, Danny brings out a bottle of tequila and announces that they are playing forfeits. When it comes to him having to do a dare, Lisa tells him that he has to kiss Ben (even though the dare card actually says ‘kiss Sandy’). Danny initially refuses but ends up kissing Ben, much to Ben’s delight. Sandy helps Danny upstairs; he is very drunk by now, and confesses that she wants to be more than friends. Unfortunately, Danny has fallen fast asleep, so doesn’t hear her. Sandy returns downstairs and argues with Lisa, who by now, realises that Sandy is jealous of her.


* Rufas Wooding – 12 year-old boy who requires a heart operation (a TCPC) because he is waiting for a heart transplant.

* Nicholas Critchley – Has previously suffered from cancer, and it now appears that the cancer has spread.

* Janice Taylor – Internal bleeding after complications during an emergency caesarean.

* Flora Taylor- New born baby requiring an aortic valve to be removed from her heart.

* Katie Davies – Has scalded her arm with boiling milk.

First Scene/ words

(Shot of outside the hospital, late at night, then the scene moves to a bed being rushed through the corridor. Meyer, Sam and Alex are alongside it).

Mr Meyer (to surgeon) : The patient is a twelve year-old boy, Rufas Wooding, hyper-plastic right heart. He had a fontaine three years ago, which is now failing. I was planning a conversion to TCPC when he took a turn for the worse.

Marion Wooding (to Rufas) : It’ll be all right, I promise

Rufas (breathlessly, removing his oxygen mask) : Don’t worry mum, we’ve got to be brave

(Rufas is rushed through a set of doors).

Paul Wooding (to Meyer) : Are you sure Rufas is strong enough?

Meyer : No I am not sure, and if we’d been better operated on first admission we’d have been better prepared.

Paul Wooding : Please, I never meant to hurt him

Meyer : These decisions are never easy (They also go through the doors).

Alex (to Sam) : You better hope Rufas comes through this

Last Scene/ words

(Sam rushes into a room after Jan has finished conducting a board meeting).

Sam : Jan

Jan : Dr Kennedy, I understand you’re leaving us

Sam : Yes, and do you want to know why?

Jan : Personal differences was the phrase Mr Meyer used

Sam : He’s spoken to you as well?

Jan : Word gets around

Sam : You know he killed another child today

Jan : If this is your way of getting even…

Sam : He won’t listen to anyone. If he wants to operate then God help that patient. I was onto him so he forced me out

Jan : If you have a complaint, you can put it in writing,but you won’t be doing yourself any favours

Sam : I’m finished anyway, so what do I care? But you want to ask yourself, what are you running here, a hospital? Or a laboratory for a medlia-maniac?

Jan : I think you should go

Sam : Yes (She walks to the door). “You might be getting rid of me but I’m not going alone. Either you do something about Meyer, or I’m going to the press


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