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HC Past Series

S5 E16

s5e16S5 E16 (21 Jan 03) : A Right to Know by Johanne McAndrew

Episode Summary

Kath’s already back at work, something that Danny reprimands her for. He says that she should still be at home, and that she did the right thing by helping Terry die. Kath says she would have gone mad if she’d been made to spend another week alone at home, and she still feels guilty for denying Lisa a chance to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Lisa asks Mubbs how easy it would be to steal drugs from the hospital, and admits that she thinks Kath helped Terry die – it just seemed too perfect. Lisa says she’ll find out the truth, but Mubbs tells her just to get some grief counselling.

It’s the night before Chrissie’s wedding, and Chrissie asks Ed why he hasn’t got out of being best man. He asks if she should fake his own death, to which she replies that it would be a start!!! Chrissie tells Danny that it isn’t her last night of freedom, and she’ll always be free to do whatever she wants. Meanwhile, Owen’s stag night plans seem a little less interesting, a quiet night with a few beers.

The guy Sandy drunkenly slept with at Sean’s party, is on Keller for a hernia operation. Sandy’s obviously mortified to see him, and even more mortified when she meets his wife! We learn a little more about Sean’s character, when Johnny describes Sandy as one of Sean’s “spares”.

Lisa confronts Kath, and tells Kath that Terry asked her to help him die. kath says that he didn’t ask her. The pair part on bad terms, and kath later goes to see Danny and says that Lisa needs to know the truth. Danny provides a stinging analysis of Terry’s character, saying that she was used. Danny later meets Lisa and their friendship is clearly suffering. Danny tells Lisa off for upsetting Kath, but Lisa’s still jealous that Kath inherited all Terry’s money.

Ric discovers that Johnny may have Hepatitis C. When Sandy sees the results, she confides in Kath that she slept with him and she may have contracted the STD. Kath arranges to get her tested, and Sandy goes to see Johnny to let him know she may have contracted the virus. Johnny tells her that Sean set her up, and she was just a down payment. Sandy’s furious, and when Sean comes to check up on Johnny, she gives him a piece of her mind. She dumps him publically, much to Kath’s amusement.

The girls’ party is in full swing, with Jess, Diane, Lisa and Chrissie all having a great time! Owen’s party, however, is a little bit more quiet – with just Mubbs and Ed at the bar. Ed confides in Mubbs that he’s made a nurse pregnant, and Mubbs is determined to find out who. However, the girls’ night takes a turn for the worse when Chrissie tells Lisa she’s been spotting and Lisa takes her into hospital. Mubbs gets called back to work, and takes a scan of Chrissie’s baby. After medical issues are raised, Chrissie is forced to tell Mubbs that Owen may not be the father, and based on Mubbs’ previous conversation with Ed, he guesses that it is the registrar’s baby.

Chrissie may not be at the party, but the rest of the gang are having a great time. Owen is drunk and impersonating Tom Jones, while Ben isn’t impressed with the “gorgeous” stripper. Ed takes Owen home, where Chrissie finds out that Ed will be sleeping that night on their sofa.

Lisa and Danny clash once again, and Danny tells her that she wasn’t ever the dutiful daughter and maybe she’s angry at Kath for that. Danny says she had lots of chances to let Terry know how she felt, but spent the night he died in bed with Danny. Once alone, Lisa calls the police to let them know that she thinks someone has killed her father.



Andy Kilnder is a 29-year-old who suffers from a heart attack. Apart from a unhealthy lifestyle he proves to have a heridatory heart condition and his parents are tested for it, but his mother admits his father is not his real father and that his real father died of a heart attack.

Natalie Blake is four days overdue when she comes to give birth. The baby is suffering from Turner’s syndrome, but she has been keeping this a secret from the baby’s father, because she does not want to worry him.

Johnny Slater, Sean’s mate, comes into hospital for a hernia operation, but Ric notices he is suffering from cirrosis. Test show that he has got hepatitis C.

First Scene/words

[Danny walks into work]

Danny: What are you doing here? I thought you had another week off?

Kath: No, I was just moping about at home.

Danny: I hope you haven’t got a lot of legal stuff to sort out.

Kath: No, there’s nothing for me to do right now, the solicitors are handling it all. Once the funeral was over and everyone’s gone there’s only so much daytime tv one can watch.

Last Scene/words

Lisa: Police, please. Yeah, I’m not really sure who I’m meant to speak to. The thing is, I think somebody’s killed my dad,

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