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HC Past Series

S5 E27

s5e27S5 E27 (8 Apr 03) : The One You Love (Part 1) by Matthew Hall

Episode Summary

Kath and Danny are on their way up the stairs of the court discussing what Danny should do if she doesn’t get found innocent. Kath tells him to forget about her and get on with his life but Danny says no.

Lisa and Detective Archer, who arrested Kath, talk saying it’ll all be painless. Lisa remarks that those words are what Kath probably said to Terry.

Alex is rushing into theatre with Dave Taylor a boy who’s fallen from scaffolding.

Diane and Ric are talking before Ric leaves to go to the trial. He says he isn’t taking sides and doesn’t want Kath to feel he is going against her. Diane says they need Kath back as it isn’t the same without her.

Alex goes to the toilets and takes more of the drugs he’s been taking to control his shakes before he goes to theatre.

Diane is about to go into theatre to help with the patient Alex is about to operate on. Alex comes up behind Diane and they go into theatre together.

Steve and Jess are discussing Diane’s relationship with Steve and that Alex is a bit jealous. Brian and Vic Taylor are brought in after being in a scaffolding accident with Dave.

Diane and Alex are talking in theatre. Alex makes a comment to Diane about being a diva with Steve.

Tom meets Anita again to discuss how he’s feeling. As they begin their meeting Tom is called away to see a patient brought onto Darwin called Jillita.

Sandy is seeing to Jillita who has a big hangover. Sandy asks Chrissie to speak to Jillita as she seems depressed and Chrissie agrees to see her in a little while.

Kath’s trial begins with the prosecution lawyer going through the history of Kath and Terry’s relationship.

Ric says he isn’t going to take sides in the witness room. Sheila turns up to see Lisa, as does Detective Archer. Sheila makes a comment about wanting to see Kath suffer.

Tom goes to see Jillita and decides to operate on her in the afternoon much to her mother’s disapproval.

Diane asks Alex what’s wrong when in theatre with him as he turns his neck to relax his muscles. Alex says nothing and that he slept awkwardly.

Jess gives Steve the number of a flower company so that he can surprise Diane.

Alex snaps at Diane when she asks if he’s all right, as when he is replacing the paddles after resuscitating Dave Taylor he drops one.

Chrissie checks on Jillita who admits that she might be pregnant but hasn’t done a pregnancy test yet. Chrissie says she’ll arrange things for Jillita.

As Diane and Alex are bringing Dave Taylor out of theatre, Diane questions whose patient he will be.

Kath looks nervous as Detective Archer is called to speak against her and believes that he killed Terry as he couldn’t have killed himself.

Jillita takes a bottle of drugs from the drugs trolley in desperation when Sandy isn’t looking.

Ric gives evidence for the prosecution. Explaining that she’s one of the best nurses he’s worked with and that in the two years they’ve known each other she has never acted improperly.

Tom tries to talk to Jillita about how she’s feeling and what has happened. Jillita admits that she has dropped out of university because she couldn’t cope. Tom informs her she isn’t pregnant and that is why she stole the drugs.

Sandy delivers beautiful flowers to Diane from a secret admirer asking for a date.

Tom asks Chrissie if she can try and help Jillita who’s in his office, as he doesn’t want Jillita’s mother anywhere near Jillita.

Mr Johnson – Terry’s next door neighbour at the beach house, gives evidence against Kath. Explaining that on the night of Terry’s death he called round to celebrate with them but she tried to shut the door in his face as nice as she was.

Diane goes to speak to Steve in AAU. Diane thanks him for the flowers and agrees to go on a date with him. They arrange to meet in the bar after work.

Lisa gives evidence against Kath. Saying that she didn’t believe Terry would give all the money in his will to Kath – Terry had an appointment with his solicitor on the second of January the day after he died.

Tom and Ed discuss Tom’s snapping at Jillita’s mother. Whilst in theatre Tom remembers a discussion he had with Anita about his alcoholism coming from his mother.

Lisa tells Kath’s defence that Kath can’t have loved terry and was only in it for money. The defence suggest that Lisa is jealous of Kath and the relationship she did have with Terry.

Steve books a date at a restaurant before telling Jess.

The prosecution bring up a point that Kath may have unlawfully killed Terry deliberately to get money. They ask the judge to consider charging Kath with murder. The prosecution lawyer blackmails the defence lawyer telling him she’ll drop the murder charge if Kath pleads guilty.

As the jury and witness’s leave the courtroom for the judge to decide the proposition of a new charge, Danny see’s Ric and instantly knows something is wrong. Ric tells Danny what’s happened. Danny rushes to a tearful Kath’s side even though he isn’t supposed to be there. Danny tells Kath to plead not guilty, although Kath believes it’s best to plead guilty. Even if it means she gets between six and ten years. Danny says no before leaving.

Chrissie tells Sandy she’s leaving early to pick Lisa up and to let her know she’s Kath’s character witness. As Chrissie goes to leave, Sandy says there is someone in her office on the phone. Chrissie goes into her office to find her mum, Tricia, inside on the phone. Tricia comments on whether Chrissie is married or pregnant, knowing she is. Tricia hands Chrissie a wedding present although Chrissie doesn’t open it. Tricia asks why. Chrissie explains that her and Owen are having a few problems. When Tricia asks Chrissie who she’s slept with Chrissie gets angry, Tricia admits that Chrissie is just like her.

After Jillita’s operation, Jillita’s mother sits with Jillita to try and make things better.

The jury and witness’s go back into the courtroom to be informed that the judge has agreed to add murder as a charge. When asked to plead guilty or not guilty to murder Kath pleads not guilty.

Danny shouts at Lisa when the court adjourn for the day. Sheila says that Kath’s getting what she deserves and that Lisa shouldn’t feel sorry for Kath.

Chrissie arrives at the court to pick Lisa up. Sheila leaves saying that she’ll see Lisa tomorrow because they aren’t good for each other at the time. Lisa admits to Chrissie that Kath is facing a murder charge and things are getting out of hand as all she wants is the truth. Chrissie finally admits to Lisa that she is Kath’s character witness. Chrissie asks if Lisa wants her to stay away for the night. Lisa tells her not to bother going back at all.

Diane and Steve meet in the bar although Diane is early. They talk then kiss.

Tom goes to see Anita and talks to her about how he is feeling and what his dad made him feel like. Tom appears upset and is close to tears. Tom admits to Anita he doesn’t know how to feel. Anita says she will try and help. Tom interprets this the wrong way and goes to kiss Anita.

Kath is talking to her defence lawyer. The defence lawyer says that it will be harder to get her bail now although he will try. Kath asks where she has to stay. The defence lawyer tells her she’ll stay in the remand wing for the night and to try and sleep. Kath is taken to a cell on the remand wing where they close the door and lock it on her. Kath is nearly crying.


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