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HC Past Series

S5 E28

s5e28S5 E28 (15 Apr 03) : The One You Love (Part 2) by Matthew Hall

Episode Summary

Diane and Jess are talking to each other and the Taylor son who has epilepsy. Asking why he didn’t mention it to anyone.

Sandy and Ben pick up the morning paper at the hospital shop and look at the front page. The front page holding a picture of Kath quoting her being a murderer. Sandy says that she never put Kath down as a murderer. As Sandy turn to go back to Darwin Chrissie comes up behind her. Scolding Sandy for not being on Darwin.

Tom and Ed go to see Brian Taylor about his heart operation. As they leave Ed says that Tom is very cheerful.

Steve and Jess talk about Steve being late for work that morning and why.

Dave Taylor wakes up to see Diane and Alex checking him over.

Sheila and Lisa meet. Sheila tells Kath that she deserves to get life for murder. Lisa asks if Kath deserves to go down for life and would Sheila do what Kath did if she was in Kath’s position. Sheila answers as no although her facial expression show her answer maybe otherwise.

The Taylor family argue at Brian’s bedside over Dave getting hurt.

Steve and Jess talk about Diane. Robbie turns up asking if he can borrow the car since he is supposedly going out with his girlfriend.

Owen see’s to Gary and Hannah as Chrissie goes to maternity for her scan.

Kath gives her evidence as to what she was doing on the night Terry died. The prosecution ask about Simon and Father Michael. The prosecution calls Kath greedy and manipulative.

Owen leaves Ben to talk to Hannah and Gary whilst he does a few tests.

Chrissie and Tricia talk as Chrissie goes to leave her office for the court. Chrissie says she could move in with Tricia as Lisa has thrown her out. Chrissie asks Tricia to take her to the court. Tricia asks if Chrissie knows the woman who killed her husband, meaning Kath, Chrissie tries to put Tricia straight telling her that Kath isn’t a murderer. Tricia says she would have done it.

Tom bumps into Anita who is awkward with him.

Owen breaks the news to Hannah and Gary that one of their twins has downs syndrome and that they’ll test to see if it definitely is downs.

Chrissie takes the stand for Kath. Telling the defence that Kath is one of the most loved nurses by her patients and that Kath truthfully did love Terry. Chrissie admits that her and Kath aren’t the best of friends and when asks admits that Lisa is her best friend. Chrissie also says that Kath is the most unselfish person Chrissie knows of. The prosecution twists what Chrissie has said about Kath to make Kath look bad.

Diane and Alex speak to Dave Taylor about him needing to go to theatre.

Brian’s son tells him (Brian) about the epilepsy. Diane and Steve meet in AAU. As Diane leaves Brian crashes. Diane goes back to help Steve resuscitate Brian.

Tom goes to see Anita who tells him that she is referring him to one of her colleagues. Anita and Tom discuss what happened the night before when Tom went to kiss Anita. Tom walks out.

Tom and Ed head into theatre with Brian.

Danny takes the stand for Kath. Chrissie moves closer to Lisa and hugs her as Danny talks about Kath and Lisa. Danny admits to the prosecution that he did lose his job due to his temper.

Tom has to resuscitate Brian Taylor during the operation. After the operation he goes to tell Mandy Taylor what happened with Brian.

Kath’s lawyer shouts at her for not mentioning her affair with Father Michael. He also shouts at Danny for not saying anything about him losing his job. The lawyer leaves as Danny puts his arm around Kath. The look on Kath’s face shows that she is about to break down in tears.

Alex is paged by Diane who is waiting for him in theatre. He looks at his hand before taking a cup of water and walking away.

Owen talks to Hannah and Gary about the downs syndrome. It is a special kind that is only passed down by the father. Since Hannah went for IVF it is likely that Gary is the actual father of one of the twins.

Alex tells Diane he can’t go on with the procedure and to page Tom.

The prosecution summarise the evidence against Kath.

Diane and Alex wait for Tom who asks why he is needed. Alex excuses that he has a trapped nerve and cannot go on in the operation.

The defence summarise the evidence as to why Kath should be free. The defence say that Kath is loving and surely she couldn’t kill Terry. Kath breathes deeply and looks down.

Tom has to resuscitate Dave Taylor through the operation.

Owen tests Gary for the special downs gene that has been passed to the twin.

The judge tells the jury that they must find Kath guilty if they believe she is capable of murder.

Dave is dead for twenty minutes before being brought back. There is a chance he will never wake.

Ric and Chrissie discuss their views on whether they believe Kath could have done it.

Alex breaks the news to Mandy that Dave will more then certainly not wake up.

Hannah and Gary discuss their situation with the twins and whether they’d keep them.

Kath and Danny are talking whilst the jury are deciding Kath’s fate. Danny says he may go travelling. Kath says that if she was young again she’d go somewhere hot. Danny says they could both leave if Kath got off and move into a small house somewhere. Danny takes Kath’s hand and tells her he will always love her no matter what.

Diane shouts at Alex before Tom lays into him about how irresponsible he has been.

Gary is confirmed as the baby’s father by Owen. They have decided to keep both babies. Owen congratulates them.

Steve and Diane are talking. Diane tells Steve she doesn’t think they are a good idea and that they were a bit of fun.

Tom goes to see how Dave is although he doesn’t see any hope. He offers words of kindness to Mandy.

Diane follows Alex into the locker room. She offers her support to him telling him she’ll go with him to see someone about his shakes.

Robbie goes to see Steve who says that Robbie can’t borrow the car.

Tom goes to see Anita again and informs her that he doesn’t need her anymore nor her colleague.

Kath’s lawyer goes to inform Kath that the jury have decided and are going back into the courtroom.

Ben bumps into Jess who says he is going to go and see if Lisa needs his support. Jess walks away and speaks to Steve who is leaving after his shift.

Robbie drives off in Ben’s car knocking Ben down as he goes. Ben and Steve get into Steve’s car.

The jury reassemble in the courtroom as Kath goes back to the stand. The Jury foreman finds Kath not guilty of assisted suicide. Kath begins to cry as Chrissie and Ric breath a sigh of relief. The jury foreman then announces that they find Kath not guilty of murder. Danny stands up whispering yes and punching the air. Sheila walks out of the courtroom, as Lisa looks numb. Kath dissolves into sobs as the judge tells her she is free to leave.

Steve and Ben follow after Robbie and his friend Alan in the car.

Kath thanks her lawyer who tells her the jury were on her side. As Kath reaches the bottom of the stairs she goes over to Lisa. She says a few kind words to Lisa explaining that Terry didn’t want her to see him as a weaker man then he was. Lisa walks away as Kath goes back over to Danny. Danny hugs Kath as she cried. They walk out of the court as Danny says they should celebrate although Kath doesn’t seem to want to.

Ben and Steve crash into a van as Robbie and Alan swerve away from the vans path and hit a garage. Steve’s car is damaged severely as Robbie looks around wondering what happened.


Screencaps : S5 E28

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