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HC Past Series

S5 E29

S5 E29 (22 Apr 03) : Desperate Measures by Len Collin

Episode Summary

The episode opens briefly after the crash, with Steve having a flashback after it. Meanwhile in the other car, Robbie escapes unscathed and runs off, after seeing the tanker dropping down further, crushing the bonnet of the car that Steve and Ben are trapped in.

Meanwhile, Mubbs is short-staffed on maternity and trying to persuade Lisa; who has just returned from Kath’s trial, to come and help out for a while. She tells him no at first, but then agrees when he tells her that Julie Reading; A woman Lisa trained with, has been brought in with raised blood pressure and is being induced to have her baby.

Up on Darwin, Alex continues to fob off Diane’s questions about his self-medicating with his story about having a trapped nerve. Diane then tells him that she thinks he should see a neurologist; Ethan Hope, a friend of hers. Ric then interrupts them, telling Diane he’d like a word when she’s done, before walking off. Diane tells Alex to go and see Ethan; otherwise she would have to discuss the issue with the clinical director.

Back at the scene of the accident, the police and an ambulance have arrived and a good thing as well, as the tanker is continuing to crush the car, putting more pain and pressure on Steve’s injured leg.

On maternity, a visitor has arrived for Julie Reading, but it seems that he’s more than a visitor, he’s the father – Thing is, another man claims to be as well!

Ben appears to be stuck as well as his back feeling wet. Steve has a look and tells Ben that it’s just sweat – But it’s really blood. Steve’s leg is also becoming increasingly painful, as well as his breathing becoming slightly difficult. Thankfully, the fire crew arrive and quickly make an assessment of the wreckage.

Meanwhile back on maternity – Gaz and Nathan; the two possible fathers of Julie Reading’s baby, are continuing to take pops at each other, so that Mubbs has to resort to removing them from the room.

Alex is obviously still worried about something, as he’s now taken to reciting the alphabet backwards whilst pacing up and down in the men’s bathroom – Much to Ed’s amusement, as he has overheard.

And the few words Ed said must’ve affected Alex somewhat, as he’s gone with Diane to see Ethan. Diane is then paged, so leaves Alex and Ethan to it.

Things still aren’t looking too good down with Steve and Ben. Steve’s leg is really beginning to hurt, the tanker’s very unsteady and it seems it’s going to take more than paramedics to try and free the two – They’re going to need a surgical team.

Ric also seems to be quite jealous, as he questions Diane over her involvement with Alex when he meets her in the lift after getting the call from the paramedics, with the request for a general surgeon to attend the accident.

On maternity, a fight breaks lose between Gaz, Nathan and an Easter bunny! Luckily another man intervenes when Gaz hits the bunny, who turns out to be a woman in a costume.

Alan Bridger; Robbie’s friend and the driver of the other car involved in the accident, has been freed, worrying Steve who thinks that it’s Robbie, until Ben tells him that Robbie wasn’t driving and the policeman tells him there was no-one else in the car and that he must’ve walked.

Alex is still undergoing tests and questions with Ethan, and it seems he is showing less mobility in his right side than his left. Alex tries to excuse this by saying ‘too much squash’.

Whilst on maternity, Ben still hasn’t turned up, raising a few concerns between Lisa and Mubbs who don’t yet know what’s happened. And it seems that not only Gaz and Nathan are the possible fathers to Julie Reading’s baby. Another man – Mike; the one that broke up the fight between Gaz and Nathan earlier, could be as well!

Alan Bridger is brought into AAU, who Jess recognises almost instantly. She asks what happened and is told about the accident, obviously worrying her…

Back at the accident, Diane and Ric have arrived and are being informed of Steve and Ben’s conditions unaware that it is them. But when Diane realises the car is Steve’s she tries to rush in, but Ric pulls her back and tells her they have a job to do. Ric then notices Ben’s blood stained shirt and the mess of Steve’s leg. The tanker then falls, crushing the car even more. Ric then tells Diane that Ben’s in there as well and is trapped and losing a lot of blood from a puncture wound in the back, to add to that, Steve’s leg is in a bad way and the tourniquet they’ve put on it to stem some of the bleeding’s not enough…

Meanwhile, Alex’s tests don’t seem to be going too well when the misses out the ‘w’ when reciting the alphabet backwards, his hand then begins to shake which Ethan notices. Alex continues using his false story about it probably being a trapped nerve but Ethan doesn’t buy it and tells Alex that he would like him to have a dopamine scan – But Alex tells him it’s not necessary, and that he doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

And Lisa’s still obviously worried about Ben so decides to try phoning him again, leaving Mubbs to handle Julie Reading and the three possible fathers who, quite surprisingly, haven’t let all hell loose.

Lisa’s becoming increasingly disgruntled as Ben doesn’t answer his phone, with the reason for it still unknown to her…

And it seems that the peace between Gaz, Nathan and the other bloke didn’t last long, they’re back to sniping at each other, but Julie manages to neutralise the atmosphere by telling them she doesn’t have a baby bag and to make themselves useful.

Down on AAU, Alan Bridger isn’t looking too good, he’s got some damage to the aorta with a clot sealing it and acting like a plug.

Jess has phoned to enquire about those involved in the accident and tells Alex to keep her away from Alex, otherwise she might do something – She then tells him about what’s happened – Lisa hears and runs off to go down to the crash site, after telling Jess to call Mubbs.

At the crash site, Ben and Steve still haven’t been freed and things are getting a bit desperate, as they’re losing a lot of blood.

Ben then begins telling Steve about his father dying of cancer and how he still hasn’t been able to level with him about being gay, as well as telling Steve not to give up on Robbie.

Back at the hospital on AAU, Robbie’s turned up to see Alan and find out whether Steve’s been brought in. Jess spots him; Robbie tries to escape but is stopped by Jess who gives him the third degree. Alex then appears and Robbie legs it when Alex asks Jess what’s going on.

Meanwhile – Lisa’s arrives at the crash scene, leaving Mubbs to handle Julie Reading alone – Which he doesn’t seem too happy about.

Alex has a go at Jess over Alan now having a raised BP because of her having a go at him and Robbie. Jess then walks off after Alex tells her that it isn’t their job to play God and Dr. Hope appears to talk to Alex about Radiology being able to slip him in later – But Alex says no, telling him he’s fine and doesn’t need it.

Gaz then reappears with some flowers and begins questioning Julie about the baby as well as saying a load of corny rubbish. Julie tells him that the kid is hers and that she can’t tell him if he’s the father because she doesn’t know. He then typically asks who was the best out of the three of them; Julie kindly tells him he was, before he leaves the room, leaving Mubbs obviously impressed at how she’s managing to control the whole thing.

As Jess and Alex are talking to Alan and taking his obs, his aorta begins leaking. Jess freezes at first, but realises she has to help him when Alex tells her ‘he’s gonna die!’ He then tells her he’s going to have to open Alan up where he is and that he’s going to need Ed.

Whilst, action is finally taking place at the crash scene. The car door has been removed now that the tanker is steady. Ric and Diane then begin helping Steve and have to put in a chest drain.

Back on Maternity, Mubbs is getting a little impatient with Lisa as she’s still awol at the crash scene – Which he still doesn’t know.

Alex and Ed are continuing to fight for Alan Bridger’s life – Alex notices that his hand is beginning to shake so gets Ed to finish the procedure.

Ric inserts the chest drain and tells Diane and Lisa that he doesn’t think that the leg’s salvageable – It looks as though he’s going to have to amputate it…

And on AAU, Alex and Ed finally get the bleeding under control.

Ric then tells Steve that they need to get him to the hospital soon; otherwise they’re going to lose him. He then tells Steve that Ben is in a bad way and the only way they can get to him is by getting Steve out – And the only way to do that is by amputating his leg. Steve gives his consent – They amputate and Steve is rushed to hospital, leaving Ric to try to free Ben, but he can’t because Ben is trapped. And it seems that Ben’s blood pressure is being artificially maintained by the car, which means when they free him, it’s going to drop significantly and so, if they don’t pump enough fluids in fast enough – He’ll die. Lisa feels they should tell him and says she’ll do it. The fire brigade then begin freeing the car from the wreck.

On Maternity, Julie’s almost due to have her baby and tells Nathan to get Gaz and Mike – After he asks who the best was!

Back at the crash site, the roof has been cut off the car. And as they’re about to push back the dashboard, Lisa tells Ben what might happen when they do it.

Jess apologises to Alex about earlier – Steve is then wheeled in. Jess asks how he is and is told that they had to amputate. She’s upset and Alex comforts her.

The dashboard is cleared and Ben is freed from the car. He begins to bleed and goes into arrest. Diane then begins compressions…

Julie tells Mike he isn’t the father of her baby when they’re alone together. She then tells him that she doesn’t love him and to get the others as the baby is about to come.

They’re still doing compressions on Ben, but stop soon after and pronounce his death.

Julie gives birth to her baby, a boy, and thanks Mike, just as Gaz asks who it looks like – She tells them it looks like her.

Ed practically has a go at Alex for making him do the operation earlier and because he’s been offloading his work all day. Alex then leaves the room.

Mike’s sitting in the canteen and the woman in the bunny suit walks over – Minus the bunny suit – They talk.

And Lisa finally turns up on Maternity in tears. Mubbs has a go at her but is stunned when she tells him that Ben has died.

Ric and Diane are in the bar, she says something and he comforts her as she cries.

Alex has gone to see Ethan again as he has decided to have the scan.

There’s then a bit of a sequence as Just Jack Vs The Cure’s ‘Snowflakes’ begins to play – Steve’s leg is shown, then Jess, then Alan Bridger, then Alex as he is having the scan, Alex’s scan on the computer screen that Ethan is studying and finally resting on Alex’s eyes before the credits begin to roll.


Screencaps : S5 E29

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