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HC Past Series

S5 E31

S5 E31 (6 May 03) : Going It Alone by Johanne McAndrew

Episode Summary

Lisa begins her shift in AAU. She talks to Jess about surpervising her training before a woman comes in and attacks their patient with a scalpel. Lisa argues with the woman and tackles her to the floor.

Kath speaks to Diane about Steve because he seems depressed. Kath goes to speak to Steve who is not impressed with the protesthetic leg the physio people gave him. He shouts at Kath and tells her to leave him before he says something to regret.

Tricia tells Chrissie about her job in the hospital sjop. Chrissie scolds her for coming into the house at two in the morning when she was trying to sleep.

Ric and Diane talk about her having to see Steve because she feels awkward. Ric tries to assure her that it wasn’t her fault. Ric and Diane go to see Steve. Diane looks at Steve’s leg and says she’ll get Kath to sort it out.

Kath and Ric see to a patient who is planning on going to work in Scotland. She doesn’t seem well and hasn’t eaten for fourty eight hours. Kath looks up at Ric as she takes some notes and smiles. Diane and Ric then see her and diagnose her with a bowel obstruction. Meaning that she and her partner will have to put off their trip to Scotland.

Chrissie argues with her mum in the hospital shop as Tricia has invited people round for drinks. Chrissie says perhaps she should give the baby up for adoption when born. Chrissie leaves Tricia and snaps at Ed.

Diane and Ric discuss about their patient going to Scotland. Jess sees Steve and takes him to the canteen. Kath see’s it and smiles. Ric says he’s going to refer Steve to Anita Forbes.

DS Skinner (a police officer trying to sort the earlier problem in AAU) see’s the patient who was stabbed. He tries to speak to the patient but the patient disagree’s and says he didn’t do anything. Lisa then sees Jess and scolds her for being late.

Chrissie and Sandy rush a patient into theatre as her second daughter turns up. Sandy tries to work out the situation with the womans two daughters.

Anita goes to speak to Steve and manages to get him to agree to speak to her. Steve explained what he used to vision for the future as he dreamt of being married again and living in a beach house. Anita later leaves Steve and bumps into Tom. Tom goes to speak to Anita but Chrissie calls him away.

Steve asks Ric why he asked Anita to talk to him. Ric apologises but Steve thanks Ric for doing it because it’s helped him.

Tricia asks Chrissie if she meant it when saying she would give the baby up for adoption. Chrissie says it would make things better. Tricia says she’ll be there for Chrissie before giving Chrissie a banana and telling her she needs potassium during pregnancy.

Kath goes to speak to Steve who is playing with his protesthetic leg. He begins getting chest pains as Kath sits beside him. She rushes to get him oxygen and then calls Ric. Steve arrests and Ric begins to resuscitate him. Diane tries to save him once Ric has given up by injecting adrenaline. Ric pulls Diane down from the side of Steve’s bed. The nurses and doctors gradually leave Steve’s room. Leaving Ric, Kath and Diane inside. Ric tells Kath to leave the IV lines before leaving to go to AAU. Kath tries to hold Diane who is certain she must go and see Robbie who is in a young offenders institute. Kath leaves trying her hardest not to cry. Ric goes to AAU. Jess and Lisa ask what’s happened. Ric just looks at them to which they can sense what has happened.


* Reg Vaughan – AAU, attacked by a gang near a school but then attacked with a scalpel by a mother.

* Carol – Patient in Darwin with a condition called HoC

* Sall – Patient on Keller. Diagnosed with a bowel obstruction.

* Steve Waring – Patient on Keller after accident, who later dies.


Screencaps : S5 E31

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