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HC Past Series

S5 E37

s5e37S5 E37 (17 Jun 03) : Private Lives by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

This episode was the one in which we first met Zubin and he managed to cause havoc wherever he went!

Jaime Collins a cardio patient of Tom’s is admitted to Darwin short of breath and is due for an operation that day. Zubin arrived and chatted happily to Jaime, explaining what influence he would have on the procedure. Tom noticed this and asked Zubin if he was into amateur psychology, winning the patients confidence with personal details only to get the reply “I don’t amateur anything”.

Zubin’s phone rings causing Tom to get annoyed, as mobiles aren’t allowed to be on in the hospital and he isn’t setting a very good example. Zubin answers it and it is his daughter Sahar who he hasn’t seen for a while. He disappears to talk to her annoying Tom further when he can’t find him. Sahar tells Zubin she needs him so he rushes off to the hotel where her and her boyfriend Grant are staying. He arrives at the hotel and Sahar shows him to the bathroom where a French speaking, injured girl lies on the floor with shrapnel wounds. Zubin fixes her up as best he can; criticizing the way Sahar has bandaged Amina up and asking her what they’re teaching her at med school. He tells them that they need to get Amina to Holby hospital as she may have the shrapnel near her heart. Sahar and Grant refuse to take her and reveal Amina is here illegally and that they will treat her and then send her back where she will be killed. Zubin says he won’t be held responsible for any of it, gives Amina a painkiller and leaves and extra one for Sahar to give her on the journey to the hospital.

Back at Holby, Jaime’s condition worsens and his father is annoyed that Tom is not going to do the operation until the afternoon as he is in the Hadlington in the morning. Jaime’s father voices his opinion to Ed saying that Tom is putting his private patients before his NHS ones, which he thinks should count more.

At the Hadlington Tom and Ric arrive together. Tom’s list remains the same, but Ric already has an emergency. Elizabeth Woods has been admitted as she is coughing up blood. Elizabeth is also a patient of Zubin’s. Her interfering husband answers a lot of the questions Ric asks her for her and when Zubin arrives he implies that there is more between Zubin and Elizabeth than just doctor and patient. Ric decides to do an endoscopy to locate the bleed, suspecting it is a gastric ulcer.

Sahar and Grant arrive with Amina who has collapsed. Zubin rushes to help them and reveals that she may have had an anaphylactic reaction to the drug he gave her. Sahar questions what it was and he reveals it was an unlicensed research drug. He takes he to theatre, preps her, intubates her and attaches her to a monitor then rushes off to find Tom and Ric to help him. Ric is in theatre with Elizabeth Woods and confirms she has a gastric ulcer. He stops the bleed with adrenalin and Zubin comes in asking for Ric’s help with Amina. Ric agrees to help along with Tom. Tom gets very annoyed with Zubin, snapping at him and Sahar.

As Tom and Ric fight to save Amina, back at Holby, Jaime worsens further so Ed has to rush him into theatre and is guided through the operation by Tom and Zubin over the phone. Amina arrests in theatre but pulls through. She is then transferred to Holby I.T.U, as they do not have the money to pay for the Hadlington. Zubin worries about what Tom will do, Ric tells him, “He’ll huff, he’ll puff, he likes doing that, but he owes me big time.” Zubin goes off to see Elizabeth Woods. Him and Mr Woods argue that Mr Woods knows nothing about what his wife is going through and until he does Zubin suggests he doesn’t speak.

Tom rushes back to Holby to finish Jaime’s op, happy to see a full team in theatre. Tom presents his Hadlington bill to Zubin who immediately throws it in the bin. After Amina is transferred to Holby, Sahar reveals to Zubin that she is going back to America and that they have missed four years of each other’s lives and they know nothing about each other. Zubin reveals he knows how long it takes her to get to college, and that last year her and her friend went on holiday and were upgraded because he had booked the tickets. Father and daughter make up and Sahar leaves for America on good terms with Zubin.


Jaime Collins, admitted to Darwin short of breath.

Elizabeth Woods, Hadlington patient, suspected gastric ulcer

Amina – Shrapnel wounds

Notable Facts

Emma Samms plays Elizabeth Woods.


Screencaps : S5 E37

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