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HC Past Series

S6 E17

S6 E17 (27 Jan 04) : Forgive and Forget by Susan Wilkins

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Lisa being accosted by an anxious woman whose husband, Greg Martin, is choking. Lisa helps the man, and his wife explains that he has stage four oesophageal cancer. Lisa takes Mr Martin to AAU, and tells them that she’ll let the consultant know that Mr Martin is there. Mrs Martin feels guilty for bringing her husband in – he didn’t want to come to hospital, but she was scared and didn’t know what else to do.

Diane wonders why Lisa is still there, because she’s on the night shift. Lisa explains that Jess hasn’t turned up yet, because she’s gone to Nic’s funeral. Neither Diane nor Lisa seem overly concerned about Nic’s death.

Meanwhile, Jess is at the church. She has an armful of red roses, and is avoiding the reporters who are swarming around asking if she is friends with either Nic or Kelly. Jess makes her way inside, and sits down. The church is empty until the priest enters, followed by the coffin bearers. Nina walks in slowly after the coffin – she appears to be in pain still. Finally, Kelly is escorted in by two prison guards. Her eyes are red and she looks as though she has been crying. As she walks in, holding flowers, the reporters’ cameras flash.

Back in AAU, Mrs Martin is reassuring her husband that everything will be alright when Lisa tells them that she’s paged Tom. Mr Martin argues with his wife, it appears that she promised him that she wouldn’t bring him into hospital. As Lisa walks away from them, a young pregnant girl asks which way maternity is. Lisa gets her a wheelchair. It appears that the girl, Jane, is thirty-four weeks pregnant, suffering from pains, and she has spent the night clubbing.

Jess puts her roses by where Nic has been buried. She speaks to Nina, who is grateful that Jess came. Jess tells Nina that is she shocked that no one else is there, but Nina does not seem overly surprised. Alison Peck, the officer in charge of Kelly, interrupts them, and asks if Kelly can put flowers on Nic’s grave. Kelly and Nina argue; they both blame the other for Nic’s death. Jess notices that Nina appears to be in pain, but Nina tells Jess that she’s fine, and begins to walk away. Kelly shouts that Nina has always walked away. Nina takes one look at her and leaves.

Kelly, almost crying, tells Jess that she loved Nic. Jess says that she knows, and watches Kelly, hand-cuffed, go to the grave.

In maternity, Rosie is doubtful whether Jane should have been clubbing, but Jane replies that she’s heard that foetuses love music. Rosie puts Jane into a bed, and asks if she’s attended her antenatal classes. Jane has missed some, because she didn’t want the hassle. Rosie notices that Jane is slightly sweaty, but before she can examine her, Mubbs tells her that she needs to call the girls’ school, because Sami has not picked them up – it is a half-day. Rosie goes to do this, and Mubbs takes over with Jane. She explains that she has been in a pain for a few hours, is tired, and Mubbs notices that she has dry patches on her legs and some hair loss. Mubbs diagnoses her with a thyroid problem.

Jess arrives on AAU – very late. Lisa asks how the funeral was, and Jess tells her that Kelly was there. Lisa queries whether Jess is alright to work, but Jess has nothing better to do. Lisa tries to comfort Jess.


Nina Yorke – Kelly and Nic’s mother. She has an infection, brought on from the stab wounds.

Greg Martin – he is dying of oesophagal cancer, and does not want to be brought back into hospital.

Jane Fisher – she’s 34 weeks pregnant and goes into premature labour. She has a thyroid problem. She delivers a baby boy.

Oliver – Jane’s baby son. He is born prematurely but after a brief stay in SCBU is alright.

First Scene/ words

Lisa is in AAU, when Mrs Martin runs up to her.

Mrs Martin: It’s my husband, he’s choking…

Last Scene/ words

Rosie (on the phone): Sayid, it’s Rosie. Listen, have you heard from Sami? He’s got the girls… he’s taken them on holiday? What? He can’t, they’ve got school tomorrow. Where are they? Sayid? Sayid?

(Lucy H)

Screencaps : S6 E17

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