6.42 While the Cat’s Away – 27/07/04

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 ‘While the Cat’s Away’ : Connie has organised an evening of team-building cricket for the men, but when they meet in the bar after work they decide to stay and play drinking games instead. When Ric questions Owen’s intentions towards Diane, Owen puts him in his place by hinting that Ric is jealous rather than genuinely concerned for Diane.

Plastic surgeon, Carlos works on a private patient on the ward in cooperation with the NHS. Tricia nurses the patient and the surgeon is impressed with her bedside manner. When he tries to pay her for her hard work she is offended and refuses to take the money.

Donna is behind on her rent, and Lisa is fed up with her lies and attitude at work, so she tells her to move out – that night. With nowhere else to stay, a tearful Donna ends up spending the night in the relatives’ room.

Written by Jeff Dodds

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