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HC Past Series

S6 E44

Episode Summary

Zubin and Ric give a lecture at Holby City University and Zubin secretly arranges for Leo, Ric’s estranged son, to attend.

Leo’s girlfriend is six months’ pregnant and hooked on the drugs that he has been supplying her. When she goes into premature labour and begins haemorrhaging, Zubin and Jess fight to save her life before the ambulance comes.

The baby is born by emergency Caesarean at Holby General. He is in a critical condition and eventually the life support machine is switched off. Zubin tells Jess to keep the baby a secret from Ric; he would never forgive Leo if he knew what had happened. But when Zubin consoles Jess over the loss of her nephew and they come close to kissing, they are interrupted by an oblivious Ric.

Meanwhile, Mickie helps Will to perform emergency heart surgery. Will is impressed by her ability and tells her that she should consider retraining as a surgeon.

Lucy Speed (EastEnders’ Natalie) guest stars as a patient who is expecting quads after IVF treatment.

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