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HC Past Series

S6 E48

Episode Summary

Owen gives Diane the keys to his house, but she tells him she needs more time before she can decide whether to move in with him. Chrissie makes snide comments to Diane about Owen’s relationship history. This backfires when Diane realises she should stop procrastinating and tell Owen she will move in with him.

Meanwhile, it’s Ric’s 50th birthday and he is upset that no one seems to have remembered. However, Jess and Donna have organised a surprise party at Lisa’s flat and Jess has decided to tease Ric about it, making him think that they could not care less about his birthday. Ric spends his whole shift trying to find someone who could join him for a drink in the evening, but everyone pretends to have made other plans. Depressed by this, Ric is jealous of a patient of his – Lenny King, a man in his age who needs surgery because of an ischemic gut and who seems to have a loving daughter who really cares about him. After surgery Ric realises that everything is not what it seems to be and that the daughter only pretends to be so loving because of her father being rich and that, at least, he does not have that problem himself. Instead, Jess convinces Ric to come to Lisa’s flat for a take away and once they are there, Ric is overwhelmed to find out how everyone has turned up for his surprise party. At the party, Jess dances with Reza to make Zubin jealous, and her plan works as he walks out of the flat when he sees the pair kiss.

Tricia complains that Carlos is taking their relationship too slowly so she brings him to the party to get him drunk and seduce him. Pretending that she gets a sudden headache she manages to get him away from the dance floor and into a nearby room with her.

Colette Chambers is a young woman who comes into hospital because she is coughing blood. She tells them that it happens every month and when she tells them about painful periods they diagnose her with pulmonary endometriosis. Colette is shocked to find out that she also is pregnant. The father of the child is her sister’s husband and she insists that she wants an abortion. When the father finds out about the pregnancy he asks Owen if the child could be able to help their daughter Emily, who is severely ill and could be helped by blood from the cord seeing as the father is the same and the mothers are sister. Finding out that it could be very possible, he admits to his wife what they have done. Even though she is upset, she realises that this is their chance to save Emily and they take tests to find out if the baby would be compatible. Soon after Owen has got the positive results, Colette however has a miscarriage.

Connie is in trouble when Ray Daniels, a patient who had a heart transplant at another hospital 9 months ago is diagnosed with an infection on the aortic valve. Ray’s wife Dorothy takes careful notes of everything that is being said, because they pretty much live on money obtained by claiming that Ray has received wrong treatment in hospitals. Connie realises that she was in charge of the operation at her previous hospital and that the infection is due to the transplant. She asks Will to be very careful about what he says, so that they will not understand what has been going on and cause her trouble, but Will soon makes a mistake and Dorothy blames them for giving Ray a bad heart and she even phones a journalist friend of hers. However, when Dorothy realises that he is easily going to get better and that they do not have a good case, Dorothy decides to hit Ray, thinking that they could claim he got bruised from bad treatment in the hospital. She hits him on the chest and Ray’s heart gets injured from the impact and he needs to rushed into theatre. Connie manages to save him and in the end Dorothy thanks her and, scared by the thought that Ray could have died, she realises that they should start making money in some other way. Connie is very pleased with herself for her victory.

Connie orders Will to attend the Ric’s birthday party, saying that he should use the evening for practising his communication skills. After a few drinks, they flirt and she follows him into another room. Will kisses her passionately and Connie pushes him on to the bed in a steamy clinch. However, before things can go any further, she gets up, leaving Will confused. Connie reveals that she does not want him; she just wanted to prove he could not resist her.


Lenny King, a 50-year-old man with coronary artery disease and intestinal ischemia

Colette Chambers, pulmonary endometriosis, finds out she is pregnant

Ray Daniels, infection on aortic valve

First Scene/words

Owen: Do I know you from somewhere?

Diane: I’m really sorry. I’ve been really busy. Trust being a single mum.

Owen: Joke. I’ve got something for you. A bit cheesy.

[Owen gives her his keys, with a keyring with “Diane & Jack” engraved on it]

Last Scene/words

[Zubin and Ric are watching the younger ones dance, especially Jess and Reza. Jealous, Zubin decides to leave the party and leaves it while watching the pair kiss]

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