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HC Past Series

S8 E10

Episode Summary

Owen struggles to come to terms with his grieving daughter, Katie, and is too busy thinking about Chrissie to realise that she needs him. He heads into work, leaving Katie hanging around the department and misses her counselling session. Diane is the first to get Katie to open up, when Diane shares her experience from losing her sister.

Amy’s mother, Roz, brings her back into AAU when she has an infection, following her recent miscarriage. As her condition deteriorates, Owen needs to operate. Roz starts to put two and two together, when she realises her husband, Nigel, has been prescribing her strong sleeping pills at night. Nigel wants to get Amy transferred to the Hadlington but when Roz refuses, Amy finally admits the truth about his abuse. Amy feels her mother is partly to blame after Roz says she has always done the best for her, ‘You just wanted me to fit into your life’. It’s on hearing this, Owen realises he needs to devote all his time to his daughter. Owen takes Chrissie aside and tells her it’s over between them – he says whenever he’s with her he neglects everything else, and can’t do that now. Chrissie is gutted.

Mickie sees a job for nursing staff at Holby and considers applying. Connie persuades [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] to dress as Santa for the patient’s party.

Pagan Jackie Riley is brought in after falling from a tree. She has an arm injury, an ovarian abcess and peritonitis. Jackie dumps her boyfriend, Derek, when she thinks he does not take her religion seriously. but after talking with Chrissie, she realises she has made a mistake.

Elderly Ted Morgan is found to have a malignant tumour. Elliot wishes to operate but Ted seems to have given up fighting, saying it’s just delaying the inevitable. Trying to persuade Ted, Elliot gets him moved into a side room to watch his beloved cricket on televison – Connie is annoyed when Elliot gets sidetracked and misses an important board meeting, but Elliot is happy when Ted agrees to the procedure. However the operation isn’t a success and a clearly upset Elliot tells him he only has weeks to live.


* Amy Jones – infection.

* Jackie Riley – ovarian abcess, peritonitis and arm injury.

* Ted Morgan – malignant tumour.

Notable Facts

* Alex McSweeney (Eastenders, Graham) plays Derek Johns.

* Georgina Terry plays Katie Davis.

* Rachel Hyde-Harvey plays Amy Jones.

* Stacey Roca plays Jackie Riley.

* Jonty Stephens plays Nigel Alton.

* Victoria Williams plays Roz Alton.

* ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ plays on the radio in Owen’s car as her drives into work at the beginning of the episode.

* Lola sings ‘Hallelujah’ by Rufus Wainwright at the end of the programme.

* On seeing Ted, Mark says ‘One good thing about getting older – you can be moody!’

* Chrissie is concerned about getting on with Katie, she tells Owen ‘She’s not going to welcome me back into her life.’

* On splitting up with Chrissie, Owen says ‘No-ones ever come close to you, you know that?.. It’s like I can’t see anything or anyone else’.

* Chrissie is devestated when Owen tells her it’s over, ‘You can’t do this to us, we’ve come too far’.

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