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HC Past Series

S8 E16

Episode Summary

Connie has an interview for the role of Clinical Lead. Joseph helps Connie with her paper for the interview. [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] is struggling with the paperwork and tells Connie he is not applying for the role of Clinical Lead this time. A patient, Pete recognises Connie from school. Connie is shocked to see him, makes excuses and leaves. Ric tells Elliot he is advising the board and strongly advices him to reconsider going for the role of Clinical Lead. Later, Pete reveals that Connie went to school with him – in Peckham. Connie is embarrassed when everyone finds out about her past. Pete is sorry he bullied Connie at school and tries to apologise to her. Despite the way he treated her Connie is desperate to save Pete when his condition deteriorates and misses her interview to treat him. Ric tells her they have re-scheduled for tomorrow morning. When she frets he tells her she only needs to turn up – no-one else has applied.

Feeling stressed, Connie is short with Joseph throughout the day but later thanks him for helping her to write her paper. Connie and Joseph spend hours trying to diagnose Pete’s condition. [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] waltzes in and immediately realises what is wrong with him; rheumatic fever. Later, Elliot tells Connie he has been given the role of Clinical Lead. He apologises saying he was asked to go for the job but only did because he thought she would get it anyway. Connie is frustrated but softens and tells Joseph she will make him the lead author on the paper he worked so hard on.

Meanwhile, Donna and Mickie work together and end up clashing when Mickie feels she is undermining her, when she is trying show Ric she is capable of running the ward. They treat a patient, Liz, who appears drunk, and has fallen over. However Mickie loses the patient and ends up finding her outside, just as Ric is also leaving. Ric discovers she has septicemia from a tattoo removal operation and was delirious, not drunk.

Elsewhere, [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] becomes too involved in a case involving brothers Ryan and Ben. They have been beaten up but hold evidence of the attack on a mobile phone. Mark helps to keep Ben in overnight, with Ryan, on condition they go to the police in the morning. However things don’t go quite as planned and Lola berates him.

Episode Summary

Connie has an interview for the role of Clinical Lead. But a patient from her past needs treatment and soon reveals some hidden facts about Connie.

Meanwhile, Donna and Mickie work together and end up clashing, but they make up later. Elsewhere, [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] becomes too involved in a patient’s case and is berated by Lola.


* Ryan Baker – shoulder and rib injuries.

* Ben Baker – Mark pretends he could be diabetic to keep him in overnight.

* Peter Holland – rheumatic fever.

* Liz Tenant – septicemia.

Notable Facts

* Connie was bullied by Pete, however she says to his daughter, ‘Lets just say your father made me who I am’.

* Mark persuades Jac to sign papers to get Ben admitted overnight, however she realises thinks aren’t quite as they seem, ‘I’m not a rookie and I know when someone’s playing me!’

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