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Episode Summary

It’s new cardiothoracic surgeon Elliot Hope’s first day at Holby. Connie feels sidelined when she finds out from Ric that Elliot is to be the new Clinical Lead, but he offers to share his office with her as a gesture of goodwill.

A heart has become available and the co-ordinator tries to get hold of first choice recipient for the operation, Peter. However he has gone AWOL, so the team call another patient, Denise, in, who is also desperately in need of a new heart. After she is brought in, it is discovered Peter has been in the ED department after falling ill so missed calls to his pager. Connie faces a tough decision now deciding who gets the heart and eventually decides on Peter, leaving Denise and her mother distraught.

Lola treats patient Ken, who has been injured after being crushed by a forklift truck at work. Lola is suspicious when she sees Ken and his colleague Chris exchanging money and suspects they are trying to cover up the fact that Chris was driving unqualified. She later discovers they were infact racing the trucks when the accident happened.

Meanwhile, Dean gives a moody Lola advice about her daughter, who has just moved in with her boyfriend and she later reassures him that he will make a good doctor.


* Peter Doolin – heart transplant

* Denise Bailey – rejected for heart transplant operation.

* Ken Dowling – fractured pelvis and pulmonary embolism.

Notable Facts

* Grace Kingslene plays Cleo Sullivan.

* Connie and Tricia follow a trail of food to Elliot, ‘What do you thinks at the end of the trail – a hamper?

* In a bad mood, Lola takes it out on Dean ‘Leave the cheap sarcasm to me!’

* Connie says of Elliot ‘He’s incredibly smart or inredibly stupid!’.

* Later angered by Elliot, she moans to Ric ‘He can’t even eat properly!’ and does an impression of him always getting lost.

* Diane is impressed with Elliot, when he lets her observe in an operation which he wasn’t supposed to be attending. ‘He’s great. A team player – a breath of fresh air!’

* Elliot tries to ease the tension between himself and Connie, ‘We’re equals right, I might be Clinical Lead but..’ Connie butts in ‘I’m Queen!’.

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