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HC Past Series

S8 E50

Episode Summary

Connie faces a difficult decision when Gina comes to see her and asks for help behind [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID]’s back. She wants to go to Switzerland to attend an assisted suicide clinic and asks Connie to help her fill in the necessary forms. At first, Connie is reluctant. Matters are made even more complicated when Joseph informs her of a deterioration in Gina’s condition. Connie has to decide where her duties lie and she evnetually decides to help Gina apply.

When Ric is told that he cannot operate on a patient, Christopher, because he is obese, it sparks a chain of events that lead to Ric’s surgical skills being put to the test, and to [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] and Reg uncovering further evidence of drug-tampering.

Elsewhere, Kyla becomes aware of Max’s involvement in a bullying case at his school when both boys end up in the ward. After some home truths, Kyla and Harvey realise the effect their feud is having on Max and decide to call a truce.

Donna treats a woman, Rosie, who is brought in by her carer, who is on suicide watch, following a fall. She is adamant that she hasn’t tried to kill herself this time and is found to be telling the truth.


* Rosie West – injured windpipe, arm injury.

* Christopher Madden – liver transplant.

* James – schoolboy with head injury.

Notable Facts

* ‘What is life without risk?’ Ric tells Matt referring to Christopher’s operation.

* ‘My job is to sustain life not obstain from it’ Connie tells Gina.

* When Connie accuses Gina of being selfish, Gina says ‘Lets swap, you have my loving family and my awful disease!’

* ‘My smile has become so fixed, it’s rotting’ Elliot tells Connie, he doesn’t want his wife to suffer anymore.

* ‘Into My Arms’ by Nick Cave plays at the end of the episode as Connie listens to Gina’s tape for Elliot, which begins ‘My Darling Elli.. the explanation you deserve…’

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