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Cas Series

S9 E02

S9 E2 (24 Sep 94) : First Impressions by Lisa Evans

Episode Summary

Football fans are out in force at Holby for a match against Cardiff United. Matt gets into the spirit by updating the results on the Waiting Time messageboard – and gets a telling off from Charlie.

Mike arrives in the department on his day off, looking forlorn. He tells Charlie he is catching up on paperwork.

Police are called to a pub when a fight erupts. Eager to make an impression on his first day, PC Kevin Bradshaw goes to arrest biker Sam McGann, but slams his head against a wall. Sam is taken to the police station, but is later found collapsed in his cell. Kevin denies using force, but at Holby, when it is discovered that Sam has a haemorrhage that could leave him brain dead, Kevin confesses to Kate. Sam later dies, and his condition is found to be unrelated to the head injury – leaving Kevin off the hook. Eddie asks Mike to tell his devestated parents the bad news.

New nurse Jude Korcanik’s first patient is a young MS sufferer, Sally, in a wheelchair who arrives in A&E with her overbearing mother, Kath. Sally complains of a wrist injury but privately asks Jude for a morning after pill. Charlie tells Jude off for jumping to conclusions that she has been attacked and Sally later explains that she has been seeing a care worker from her day centre and is terrified what her mother will say. She later confesses, and finds Kath attempting to build bridges and be less judgmental.

Marie Hutchings is brought in after collapsing with asthma at an organic farm where she works. She has left her 10 year old daughter, Carly, at home alone and the police are called to bring her in. She tells the staff she is on the run from her violent partner. Eddie disagrees with Rachel reporting them to Social Services, Charlie tells Eddie ‘She was going by the book’. Eddie replies ‘Well maybe the book’s wrong’. But before Social Services arrive, Marie and Carly flee the department.

Footballer Clem Daniels arrives after an injury on the field – Eddie asks for an autograph. Matt stops a potential fight in reception and sets his eyes on Jude.


* Sam McGann – dies from a haemorrhage.

* Sally Lister – wheelchair bound MS sufferer arrives with a suspected wrist injury but her intentions are to get the morning after pill.

* Marie Hutchings – Asthma attack.

* Clem Daniels – football injury

First Words/ Scene

Police and football supporters are out in force at the station.

Kevin (in police car) : Let’s get out of here

John : What’s the problem Kevin, don’t you like animals?

Last Words/ Scene

After shift, outside hospital;

Eddie (to Adam) : Where do you find a turtle with no legs?

Adam : I’ve no idea

Eddie : Where you left it!

Adam : That’s sick

Eddie : Yep!

Charlie (to Kate) : So you won’t change your mind?

Kate : No my tea will be waiting

Charlie : Bye

Kate (to Jude) : Well done Jude, you got through your first day!

Jude : Yeah I survived

Kate : Well I suppose that’s what it’s all about

Notable Facts

* Martin Hancock (Spider in Coronation Street) plays Sam McGann.

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