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Past Cast News

Sarah Manners in Theatre

Sarah Manners (Bex) currently appearing in Waterloo East theatre until 23rd April.

Former CASUALTY actress Sarah Manners (Bex) is currently appearing in the play ‘The Watcher’ at the Waterloo East Theatre in London.


Sarah stepped into the production at the last minute, to replace Donna Air who had to pull out following an unfortunate accident where she broke her leg. She is cast alongside Jon Shaw. 


The Watcher is a psychological drama about power, status and gender politics. A woman, alone in a park, is sunbathing. A stranger approaches. There is a sense of danger as they observe each other. Through a series of twists and turns an uneasy power struggle intensifies until truths are revealed. But who is watching whom? And why?


The play runs until 23rd April.

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