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> Series 13 –

> Series 13

5/9/98 – 13/3/99

Episode Listing

  • S13 E1 (5 Sep 98) : Internal Inferno (Part 1) by Tony McHale
  • S13 E2 (6 Sep 98) : Internal Inferno (Part 2) by Tony McHale
  • S13 E3 (12 Sep 98) : Honey Bunny by Jeff Povey
  • S13 E4 (19 Sep 98) : The Ties That Bind by Andrew Rattenbury
  • S13 E5 (26 Sep 98) : Toys and Boys by Tony Basgallop
  • S13 E6 (3 Oct 98) : Eye Spy by Andrew Rattenbury (based on a story by Gil Adams)
  • S13 E7 (10 Oct 98) : A Place of Safety by Susan Boyd
  • S13 E8 (17 Oct 98) : She Loved the Rain by Simon Mirren
  • S13 E9 (24 Oct 98) : Public Service by Gillian Richmond
  • S13 E10 (31 Oct 98) : It’s Good to Talk by Deborah Cooke
  • S13 E11 (7 Nov 98) : Next of Kin by Patrick Wilde
  • S13 E12 (14 Nov 98) : Home Truths by Graham Mitchell
  • S13 E13 (21 Nov 98) : One From the Heart by Barbara Machin
  • S13 E14 (28 Nov 98) : Trust by Chris Murray
  • S13 E15 (5 Dec 98) : No Place Like Home by Susan Boyd
  • S13 E16 (12 Dec 98) : Making A Difference by Andrew Rattenbury
  • S13 E17 (19 Dec 98) : Miracle on Casualty by Tony McHale
  • S13 E18 (26 Dec 98) : New Year And All That by Tony McHale
  • S13 E19 (9 Jan 99) : Trapped by Tony McHale
  • S13 E20 (16 Jan 99) : White Lies, White Wedding by Jeff Povey
  • S13 E21 (23 Jan 99) : Team Work by Patrick Wilde
  • S13 E22 (30 Jan 99) : Human Traffic by Jeff Povey
  • S13 E23 (6 Feb 99) : Mother’s Day by Christopher Reason
  • S13 E24 (13 Feb 99) : Face Value by Graham Mitchell
  • S13 E25 (20 Feb 99) : Crazy Love by Susan Boyd
  • S13 E26 (27 Feb 99) : The Hardest Word by Christopher Reason
  • S13 E27 (6 Mar 99) : Love Over Gold (Part 1) by Chris Murray
  • S13 E28 (13 Mar 99) : Love Over Gold (Part 2) by Andrew Rattenbury


Series 13 saw another increase to 28 episodes, with both the first and last episodes being two parters. Jonathan Young took over as Series Producer and was keen for Casualty not to lose it’s basic formula, ‘I knew from working for several years in different jobs on Casualty that it’s loyal viewing expect the stories to be honest and they’re basically happy with the formula as it is. So I get a responsibility not to reinvent it. Less violence, pre-watershed series puts more emphasis on contemporary issues such as the current bones of the A&E staff lives, crises over beds, paying for agency nurses and hassles with Consultants from other wards.’

Young was also intent on a younger cast, ‘It’s an environment full of young people,’ he added. Adding to Claire Goose’s sex appeal, Jan Anderson was also brought in as nurse Chloe Hill. Arrogant, but charming SHO Sean Maddox also made his debut, as well as suave new Consultant Max Gallagher, paramedic Penny Hutchens and bed manager Adam Osman – who is found to be HIV. Fans were also pleased to welcome back Duffy as a regular.

As was now typical to Casualty, series ending ‘Love Over Gold’ was dramatic. George is involved in a bank robbery kidnap and viewers are later shocked to see Sam Colloby being pushed off the hospital balcony.

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