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Series 24 – Episode Preview

CASUALTY is certainly back with a bang in the opening Series 24 episode.

‘Back with a bang’ is a frequent term that’s been used in the past for series openers of CASUALTY and this series is certainly no exception.

The incidents leading up to the explosion at a disused shopping centre are somewhat random, however anticipation and drama it certainly holds well. Good to see Adam ‘Slick’ and Jeff reunite out on the field with Dixie cursing their machismo.

It’s the accurate portrayal of the regular characters that always seems more noticeable during the first few episodes of a series, from Charlie’s quips regarding a new ‘Centre of Excellence’ plaque that has been placed on the outside of the ED through to Ruth’s stern briefing to the new F2’s opposing Adam’s approach as Clinical Lead.

It’s tough pressure for Adam to fill Jordan’s shoes, but he starts the day confident, relaxed and wanting to be approachable to the new F2’s. Initiating them to all let out their best ‘roar’ (reminent of his teaching of Toby) and telling them ‘Just because I’m your boss and devilishly handsome doesn’t mean you can’t come to me’.

He’s eager for them to learn through experience but tough calls and harrowing consequences during a manic first shift looks set to put a huge dent in his confidence.

As for the new F2’s, their camaraderie but competetiveness is enjoyable to watch. Their differing personalities are already intriguing. From over-confident, lack of personal skills and aptly named Lenny Lyons to softly spoken but totally adoring Yuki Reid, who is definitely one to watch.

By the end of the first parter you’ll be left wanting more. By the climax of the second, it’ll end in tears… 

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