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Cas Actor

Stephen Tompkinson

APPEARANCE : S4 E1 ‘Chain Reaction’

CHARACTER : PC Tony Mitton

STORYLINE : Two policeman, Tony and Nick, talk to a young hitchhiker, Jane, just before she gets a lift with a man. As she tries to resist his sexual advances, he crashes the car and Jane goes through the windscreen. This causes a pile up – where another car is spun over – in which the male driver dies – and a lorry carrying drums of chemicals crashes. Nick persuades Tony to turn back to check on Jane, but come across the accident. As Tony goes to help the injured, he falls into a pool of hydrochloric acid and is severely burned. As his pregnant wife, Lorna, arrives to see him in A&E, he dies.

ACTOR FAMED FOR : Damien Day in Drop the Dead Donkey; Peter Clifford in Ballykissangel

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