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33.27 – 9/3/19

The aftermath of Iain’s attempted suicide ripples its way through the emergency department. Gemma struggles to come to terms with what has happened, and makes it her mission to piece together why Ian attempted suicide.

Meanwhile, wracked with guilt, Ruby goes out of her way for a patient, and Connie tells Elle off for addressing the team about Iain’s progress.


1.09 Staying Alive (Part 2) – 9/3/99

S1 E9 (9 Mar 99) : Staying Alive (Part 2) by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

Jasmine is taken to theatre where Nick operates to repair the stab wound in her heart. Meyer needs to be called, but he won’t come at first as he is giving a demonstration of an important op. However, when he finds out that it’s Jasmine he agrees to come. He tells Nick to use his surgical skills and not think about the fact that it’s his friend. The operation appears to be successful, but everyone is very worried. Carl is especially concerned. The police realise it must have been Darren’s mates after seeing CCTV footage but Darren won’t tell the police their names.

A man is brought up from A&E having suffered a heart attack in a lap-dancing club. He defends himself saying it’s a respectable club and that one of the nurses on the ward works there. When Karen finds out it’s Julie, she tells her off but Julie says she was desperate for money. Karen offers her Jasmine’s job temporarily which Julie accepts, and decides to give up the lap dancing.

Jasmine’s on the ward and looks like she’s recovering when she deteriorates. She also has abdominal injuries and a general surgeon operates quickly and discovers Jasmine is pregnant. When Nick tells Julie this, Julie speaks to Darren and says that his mates could be responsible for two murders – and he tells her their names. Meanwhile, Muriel buys Kirstie a bottle of champagne when her exam results come through and she’s passed.

Meyer meets Victoria at Holby who avoids him. Karen tells him that she’s been taking speed, and Victoria suspends her. When she protests, he says it will take a lot of convincing before he’ll let her operate again. She takes the pills out of her locker and flushes them down the toilet. Meyer then goes into theatre to observe, and Jasmine has a cardiac arrest. Meyer shocks her and saves her life. It looks like she should pull through, though there is a high chance of miscarriage.

Dr. McKendrick congratulates Meyer for saving Jasmine’s life and he offers her a drink. They discuss meeting the chief executive to discuss better security. Muriel says she’s persuaded the trust to give four beds to cardiology from surgery. Meyer’s tune changes at this point and he’s angry at her for going behind his back.

Nick asks Meyer for a drink but Meyer says he has to get home, before congratulating him on his performance today. Meyer’s brief moment of compassion is stolen, however, when he tells Nick he’s still got a long way to go. Meyer gets in his car and says “I’ll be in first thing in the morning, as will you” to which Nick responds, “As will we all.”

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2.16 Into the Woods – 9/3/00

S2 E16 (9 Mar 00) : Into the Woods by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

The gang from Keller are on their outdoor course, and are in two teams. Julie thinks that her and Danny are a couple, but Jasmine tells her the truth and they are furious with Danny – who is unfortunately on a team alone with them! Kath and Mike are talking about Rachel and Kath’s husband Simon. Mike splits up from Kath and Ray as he’s sure he’s found the path, while Jas, Julie and Danny are lost in caves. Mike steps on a poachers trap and falls. Ray goes to find the others and Kath stays with Mike. Danny helps Ray to make a stretcher, and they manage to move Mike.

Back in the hospital, Victoria’s assisting her first heart transplant and agrees to keep her patient’s age a secret from her lover. Karen gets angry when a patient’s wife arranges a stripper to visit the ward for his birthday.

The results of Tash’s test come through and thankfully, the lump turns out to be a cyst. We learn that Kirstie stayed the night with Tash the night before and Kirstie insists Tash should have taken today off work. Kirstie tells Tash that if she’d confided in other members of staff then they would have been there for her too, and Tash says she’s going to make an effort to get on with everybody after her scare.

Ray and Danny get Mike back to their base but discover he has broken a rib. There’s pressure around his heart and he’s having difficulty breathing so Ray puts in a chest drain, instructed by Meyer over the phone. Mike is taken back to Holby where the staff anxiously wait for news. Meyer informs them that Mike may not be able to use his leg again, and it may need to be amputated.