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19.07 The Kill List – 22/11/16


‘The Kill List’ : Isaac receives a research grant and an assistant position is up for grabs. Lovestruck Dom stoops to low levels to get the job, but will he be successful?

Meanwhile, Mo and Mr T’s relationship doesn’t sit well with Inga and she has to fight for her fiance’s attention – especially as she suspects Mo is hiding a huge secret.

And when Bernie arrives back at work, Serena does all she can to make it clear she doesn’t care at all.

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31.07 Too Much Love Will Kill You – 8/10/16


‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ : Robyn prepares to propose to Glen, but when Glen fails to answer her texts and calls she becomes worried. Glen learns his brain tumor has grown and he has months left to live. As he goes to meet Robyn he suffers a seizure in the hospital corridor and hits his head; Dylan and David find him and treat him.

Robyn soon discovers Glen’s situation and tries to comfort him. David finds an engagement ring by Glen’s bedside and realises he is planning a proposal too. Later, as Dylan, David and Max take Glen up in the lift for an operation the lift breaks and Glen nearly dies.

Robyn suggest a life-saving procedure in the lift and the trio manage to save him.

Elsewhere, Elle and Jacob help a young girl who believes she is fat after her morbidly obese mother dies, while Alicia attempts to apologise to Lily for humiliating her.

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18.14 The Hope That Kills – 12/1/16


‘The Hope That Kills’ : Essie allows her personal life to affect her work when she has to deal with a case involving an adopted son donating his kidney to his birth mother.

Guy’s career goes from strength to strength, but at a cost, while Morven suggests to Arthur that they keep their new relationship a secret, although things don’t quite go to plan.

Written by Patrea Smallacombe


1.03 Kill Or Cure – 26/1/99

S1 E3 (26 Jan 99) : Kill Or Cure by James Stevenson

Episode Summary

Nick used to be on the firm of a man called James Roberts who has sent a bad report of Nick to Meyer. Nick says it was because he spoke rudely to Roberts about the beds he kept from A&E for electoral surgery. Meyer tells Nick that he should have come to him rather than tell Roberts to his face.

Kirstie is worried when a patient that Kirstie has put on a new drugs trial arrests. She’s sure that the drug was too blame and says she should inform the drugs company as other doctors could make the same mistake. Muriel says it would make the hospital a laughing stock. Kirstie writes a letter to the company anyway which she shows to Ray. Ray suggests that she doesn’t send it so Kirstie throws it away, though she later takes it from the bin and faxes it to the company.

Muriel tells Nicola Fallon’s parents that tests prove that Paul didn’t rape her. Nicola’s father is still furious but Nicola’s mother thinks Paul was doing good. She asks [ID 593]Karen[/ID] if Paul could come back and see Nicola. Karen says she can’t do that so Mrs Fallon goes to Muriel who tries to contact Paul. Ray says he has gone to Leeds but he will let the Fallon’s know when he comes back.

Tina Seabrook (from CASUALTY) is talking to Ray and Jasmine and tells them that Nick is married to Karen. Ray tells Kirstie who is furious with Nick, despite the fact that she claims her and Nick aren’t together. He says that they are still legally married but that it was over and apologises for not telling her. When she goes, Karen sarcastically comments on his treatment of her and says that he’ll get himself a bad reputation.

Notable Facts

Tina Seabrook (Claire Goose) reprises her “Casualty” role in this Episode.

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