Tracie Bennett

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APPEARANCE : S7 E1 ‘Rates of Exchange’


STORYLINE : Sally has been having an affair with her partner, Greg’s, best friend, Neil. Greg finds out and goes to see him, they fight and Neil’s head hits a wall. Feeling sorry, Greg takes him to hospital in his car, but they continue to argue – the car overturns, after swerving to avoid a lorry. There is no hope for Greg, as Sally goes to see him – she leaves her young son, Rahjit, at reception for Norma to look after.

APPEARANCE : S18 E31 ‘I Love You I Hate You’ & S18 E32 ‘Forget Me Not’

CHARACTER : Gina Driscoll


APPEARANCE : S21 E45 ‘The Fires Within’

CHARACTER : Linda Riley


APPEARANCE : S26 E9 ‘Mea Culpa’

CHARACTER : Seonaidh Lucas

STORYLINE : Noel befriends suicidal Seonaidh who comes into the department seeking solace after her son died exactly a year before.

ACTOR FAMED FOR : Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street

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