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HC Actor

Verona Joseph

Plays Jess Griffin

DATE OF BIRTH : 23rd April 1974

FAMILY : Five brothers

HUSBAND : Farren Blackburn

CHILDREN : Son, Terrell and two daughters, Elsie-Mae & Ruby Rose.

HEIGHT : 5ft 5

STUDIED : Did a National Diploma in Performing Arts, specialising in Drama.

ON SIMILARITIES WITH JESS : ‘Not really but I don’t like rudeness or bad manners and like Jess I speak my mind. But lets remember Jess and I are at different stages in our lives.’

ON HER STORYLINES : ‘Emotional storylines are always difficult to forget at the end of the day but with experience you learn to switch off when the director says “cut”. The Jess and Alex romance was challenging but great fun and I’m very proud of it.’

ON HARDEST SCENES TO PLAY : ‘The toughest scenes have been the love scenes. It’s difficult kissing someone else because I’m in a relationship. All of the scenes with Jess and her dad touched my heart because a lot of young girls could relate to it and I think they’re so well written.’

IF SHE COULD PLAY ANYONE BESIDES JESS : ‘It would have to be Lisa because she’s young, fun and a joy to watch and she’s also my partner in crime on the Holby set.’

IF SHE HADN’T BECOME AN ACTRESS : ‘So many! A make-up artist, an interior designer, a child minder. Basically anything creative or involving children.’

HATES : Rudeness, litter louts and smoking in public places.

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Verona has also appeared in CASUALTY. In S14 E8, she played Jade Johnson. [More Info]

TELEVISION CREDITS : French & Saunders; Dream Team; The Vicar of Dibley; Casualty; Offenders; Night & Day; Doctors; Doctor Who; Holby City;

* Verona appeared in the first series of Strictly Come Dancing

FILM CREDITS : Cherish; Colour of Funny; Cat Flap; Dead Meat; Until Death

THEATRE CREDITS : The Caucasion Chalk Circle; Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame


* Verona is dyslexic.

* Verona won a Black Film Festival award for Best Female Lead in a Short Film called Cherish.

Gallery : Verona Joseph

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