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Adam Best Interview

Irish-born Adam Best recently joined HOLBY CITY as Student Doctor Matt Parker. Adam talked to about his time so far on the show…

Irish-born Adam Best recently joined HOLBY CITY as Student Doctor Matt Parker. Adam talked to about his time so far on the show…


How did you get the part of Matt? Where were you when you found out you’d won the role and how did you celebrate?


I auditioned with the two main casting directors of BBC Drama. They invited me for a recall where I met Paul Henshall (Dean). We seemed to get on well with eachother, which I think is why they hired me! I was in my bedroom when my agent called to say I got the part. I celebrated by phoning my parents and girlfriend, then went to work that evening.


How would you describe your character Matt? Are there any noticeable personality traits similar or different between him and yourself?


Not really. I am quite cheeky like Matt is, but we differ quite a bit in that I’m not really one for concentration and hard work. I’ve also got a girlfriend in real-life (she didn’t dump me for Paul!)


Were you nervous about joining the show and established actors on HOLBY CITY? What was your first day on Set like?


Extremely nervous! My first day was horrendous. I’d never done TV work before, I had to say words I didn’t understand, there were lots of famous people around… scary!


Did you have to do much research for your HOLBY CITY role?


I went for a day at Colchester hospital where I was able to speak to real-life medical students, which was very helpful indeed. I also have a friend who is a medical student.


Could you be a real-life medic?


I could never be a medic, no way. I would never remember any important things and I couldn’t handle seeing people in pain. I think I’d probably get too attached to patients as well.


Have you ever been a real-life casualty?


Never been a real-life casualty, apart from once when I injured my shoulder.


Do you find learning medical terms difficult on HOLBY CITY?


From time to time I do. Those words are too long! I find it easier once I understand what the words mean.


Have you always wanted to be an actor? Where did you train?


Froma young age I loved acting, but I never thought I could make a career from it, I suppose I still haven’t! I trained in Cardiff, Wales and it was an amazing three years.


Are your family supportive of your chosen career?


My parents and family are extremely supportive of me.


Did you used to watch the show before you joined HOLBY CITY?


Unfortunately not. When I was in college, I never finished rehearsals etc until 8 or so, then it was dinner, then bed! Not a very exciting student life! When I left college, I worked most nights in a restaurant, then in the play I was in. No time for telly!


What do you like to do in your spare time? What are your own tastes in music? What was the last CD you bought?


In my spare time I enjoy going to the theatre and the cinema. I like pretty much all music but I haven’t bought a CD for a while. I think the last one was ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ by the Sex Pistols. Not too much of Matt in that!

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