Adie Allen : Previous Appearance

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LATER APPEARANCE : S24 E5 ‘Not Forgotten’

CHARACTER : Ellie Barton



LATER APPEARANCE : S5 E1 ‘Perfect Day’

CHARACTER : Jill Jenner

STORYLINE : In a terrifying carjacking, some youths drive into the back of Lisa’s shiny new car, punch Lisa, and push pregnant Jill to the kerb, leaving Lisa and Jill stranded in a field. Lisa calls an ambulance, but has to deliver the baby. She’s worried that the baby has a breathing problem, but all seems to go well until Jill collapses. Lisa phones Mubbs who gives her advice but tells her not to carry out the procedure without proper medical equipment. Lisa’s phone battery runs out, but she carries on anyway.

LATER APPEARANCE : S8 E24 ‘Snake in the Grass’

CHARACTER : Rainy Carter

STORYLINE : Jez, and his sister Rainy, are doing a plant display in the hospital reception when Jez collapses. When Mark later finds a snake in one of the plants, they realise he has been bitten. When he needs an operation, Mark is not happy when Rainy confides in him that he is infact his mother and is in two minds whether to tell him or not.

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