Alison McGrellis

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Played by Julie Graham


S3 E1 – S3 E10

Job Title

Student Nurse

First Words

Yeah call for caucasians coming out of his ears


Student Nurse Alison McGrellis joins the team from S3 E1. In S3 E3, Alison spends a day with paramedics Keith and Shirley. Their first call is to a young asthmatic girl whose breathing is made worse by her arguing parents. In S3 E7, Alison and Kiran go back to their nursing flat to find it has been burgled. Next episode in S3 E8, they plan to move into Cyril’s flat. In her final episode in S3 E10, Cyril and Alison plan their flat warming party for the weekend.

Memorable Moments

  • S3 E3 – Alison spends the day with the paramedics.
  • S3 E7 – Alison and Kiran find their flat has been burgled.

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