Ana Sofrenovic

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Plays Marija Ovcar

DATE OF BIRTH : 18th September 1972

BORN : Belgrade, Serbia Yugloslavia.

LIVES : London

FAMILY : Her father is Serbian and her mother has mixed English and Irish origin.

PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS : Divorced from Dragan Micanovic

CHILDREN : Two children. Daughter, Iva.

PREVIOUS HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Marija appeared in HOLBY CITY before her regular role. In S2 E14, she played Sophie Dachovia. [More Info]

TELEVISION CREDITS : The Vice; Holby City; Strange; Rugalice i ubice; Pokvarenjak; Znakovi; Nasa engleskinja; Ljubav, zenidba i udadba; Ultimate Force

FILM CREDITS : Ubistvo s predumisljajem; Paket aranzman; Tango je tuzna misao koja se plese; Balkanska pravila; Bure baruta; Legionnaire; Nebeska udica; Mali svet; Volim te najvise na svetu; Mathilde

AGENT : Dalzell and Beresford Ltd, 26 Astwood Mews, London SW7 4DE.


Ana is also an accomplished singer and sand the title song for the film ‘Say Why Have You Left Me’.

Twitter : @anasofrenovic


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