Charles Venn

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charles_venn2FULL NAME : Charles Okechukww C. Venn


DATE OF BIRTH : 24th June 1973

HEIGHT : 6ft 1

HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Charles played Barry Tucker in S5 E45

TELEVISION CREDITS : Holby City; Dream Team; Days That Shook The World; Footballer’s Wives; The Bill; Sharpe’s Peril; The Brothers; Eastenders; The Method of Love; Doctors; Moving On; Miranda; The Musketeers; Casualty

FILM CREDITS : Draining Lizards; The STDers; The Bourne Ultimatum; The Dark Knight; Thick as Thieves; St George’s Day; Following Footsteps; The Rapture; Monocrome

Twitter : @ChuckyVenn

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