Chloe Howman Interview

Actress Chloe Howman, who is currently expecting her second child and is the daughter of actor Karl Howman, plays the role PC Kelly Cooper. Struggling with money and a sluggish husband. Able to resist temptation but will she be able to resist Neil?

Why are Kelly and her husband, Roger, facing financial difficulty?

Roger is a fantastic dad but being a self employed plumber, he’s supposed to make good money. However, I don’t think he actually goes to the jobs to make the money in the first place. That’s the problem; he’s lacking in business and motivational sense and as a result of which they’re starting to accumulate debts. I think in any committed relationship you are in and out of love all of the time, I think that’s marriage. At the moment Kelly and her husband, Roger, aren’t dealing with their problems.

Both Kelly and her working partner, Neil, are the strongest contenders for a promotion into CID and Neil ends up getting the job based on his racial heritage. How does Kelly deal with that?

Neil soon realises the situation and turns it down so naturally Kelly is the next in line but she also turns it down. I believe she has a few reasons, it’s not just because Neil’s her mate but also because she has an enormous amount of pride. If she had been offered the job first, there would be no doubt that she would have taken it.

What was your favourite part of the shoot?

I loved doing the action scenes: all the running and the shouting, that’s right up my street – it’s not just men who enjoy them!

There was a scene where I was chasing an actress and I said to her, ‘I hope you?re good at running because I’m very good, so I really want you to do it properly and run really fast’. It turns out I wasn’t as good as I had originally thought and she was much faster! I had to keep shouting ‘Come back, I’m supposed to catch you in this scene!’

In episode three, Kelly faces temptation when she finds a stash of money, what does she do?

She doesn’t resist but then she changes her mind and puts it back. Neil sees her take the money but doesn’t say anything. And when she confides in him he explains that he knew all along. Kelly is obviously surprised but he explains that he knew she’d put it back; he trusted that she wouldn’t keep it.

The point is that she does put the money back, she is a good cop who goes by the book but she just doubted herself for a short period. The police are human beings and they, like everyone else, are faced with temptation. What should she do? The real temptation is Neil though: Is she as well behaved with Neil, as she was with the cash?

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