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Cas Character

Claire Guildford

Played by Leanne Wilson


S18 E3 – S19 E48

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words


Claire Guildford joins the cast from S18 E3, and exudes a gentle, happy glow as the dependable and down-to-earth staff nurse. Claire is determined and outgoing and not only does she say what she thinks, but she also stands by what she believes in. What’s more she loves getting up in the morning for work. However, the traumas of life at Holby after two years will end up showing Claire in a completely different light.

Her first storyline involves Keith, her boyfriend of six years, with whom she has just broken up with. She realises she needs more in her life than he can offer. Their life together has got predictable as he wants to settle down – but she’s not ready, so it becomes one sided. Keith wants her back more than anything, which is really unattractive to Claire. He gets more and more serious and won’t take no for answer. To complicate matters, Keith’s mum, Joan puts the pressure on since she doesn’t want to lose the daughter she’d always wanted, but never had. It is tough for Claire because she is kissing goodbye to the whole package.

In her first episode, the staff have been gathered to be told the sad news of their colleague, Anna, who has just lost her life following a train crash. Keith, bursts in with a colourful and ill-timed proposal of marriage. In S18 E5 Claire is adamant that she and Keith are not a match made in heaven and firmly but politely explains to his mother that there will be no wedding. The problems in the relationship are made even more apparent as Keith bombards Claire with presents and asks her to marry him again. But she makes her answer very clear indeed. In S18 E7, Keith talks a reluctant Claire into going for a drink. Optimistic that they could get back together, he gets very jealous when Jim offers to give Claire a ride home. When Jim leaves to meet Nikki for a pre-arranged date, Keith attacks him and leaves him lying in the street. In S18 E8, when Keith arrives Claire doesn’t want to see him, but on being told her father has been rushed to another hospital, she reluctantly lets Keith give her a lift. Whilst driving, he reveals it was a ploy to get her alone and admits he also beat up Jim out of jealousy. Frightened, Claire slams on the brakes and makes a run for it down the causeway. Managing to catch up with her, Keith proposes but gets hit by a car. Back at the hospital, Claire refuses to see him, making him even more frustrated. In S18 E9 Claire is angry when Keith takes an overdose, but is distraught when Joan blames her. In S18 E16, a hungover Claire administers the wrong drugs to a patient when Harry messes up the notes. In S18 E17, Claire attends Nikki’s hen night but Nikki confides in her, admitting that she does feel something for Andy – even though she loves Jim. Later Jim is jilted at the altar, determined to find out the reasons behind it, in S18 E20, Jim pesters Claire to tell him what has been going on with Nikki, but is stunned when he learns his own son seduced her. Nikki is furious with her for letting it slip and in S18 E23, as Claire desperately tries to make amends with Nikki, she is shocked by news of Nikki’s pregnancy. In S18 E24, Claire accidentally tells Roxy about Nikki’s predicament. Nikki faces a difficult decision and decides to go ahead with a termination. She wants the girls to support her wholeheartedly and they agree. In S18 E30, Claire takes a shine to patient, Steve, after he is involved in a car accident. He claims the lady, Saskia, he was in the taxi with was his partner and asks for her bag. Later Claire discovers he is an imposter and takes Steve aside to discover he has stolen contents of Saskia’s bag. In S18 E31, Roxy is spending all her time at the hospital with baby William. Claire and Nikki are supportive, but looking after Nicole while Roxy is at the hospital is proving a strain. In S18 E42, Bex is elated after her evening with Luke. She is convinced that they have a future together and confides to Claire that she is in love with him. When Bex tells him she has planned a romantic dinner for two, he admits that their night together was a mistake. Bex is crushed but vows to Claire that she will get her man. In S18 E45, at Lara’s hen night, Bex tells Luke she thinks they should get back together. He says categorically that this will never happen. Later, Bex tells Claire to keep an eye on Luke as he is talking to another woman, but Claire ends up kissing him. In S18 E46, Luke takes Claire aside to talk about a possible future for them, but Claire says, as she is Bex’s friend, their relationship can’t go any further. Bex overhears them talking, feeling upset and betrayed, she attack Claire.

In S19 E1, Claire is in a taxi heading for work when the driver hits a cyclist. Jim attempts to give her instructions on how to treat the patient via the taxi’s radio, but the torrential rain makes things difficult. Claire confides in the taxi driver about her love life dilemma. In S19 E4, When Nina complains to Claire that her flatmates are noisy, Claire suggests that Nina move in with her. Later, Nina tells Ellen that she can move into her old flat – but her plan backfires when Claire lets slip the reason why Nina was desperate to move out. In S19 E14, Claire quizzes Abs about his engagement to Ellen. Abs tells her the reason they are marrying is so she can get her VISA. In S19 E16, it is the wedding day, Abs and Ellen have arranged to have a simple affair at a registry office. Abs asks Nina to be the witness, Nina tells Abs he is making a big mistake but she agrees to come. Nina later tells Claire the real reason that Abs and Ellen are marrying – Ellen is blackmailing him. At the wedding party, an upset Nina leaves early, and Claire finds her in the toilet crying. In S19 E18, with Comfort being chucked out of her flat by a woman claiming to be Fin’s wife, Claire mentions to Tess that she is going to her brother’s party later – he is a lawyer. Tess tells her about Comfort’s predicament and Claire says her brother may be able to give Comfort a special rate. Later, Claire invites Comfort to the party and says she has spoken to her brother Pete. He says he will take on Comfort’s case and will only charge expenses. In S19 E19, Claire’s brother Pete comes to meet with Comfort. Bex sees him and takes an immediate shine to him. Next episode in S19 E20, Bex asks Claire when Pete will be visiting Holby again and reminds Claire that she owes her a favour after the Luke incident. Claire tells her that he will be arriving later that day to deliver legal documents to Comfort – Bex looks happy and they later end up kissing at Charlie’s party. In S19 E23, Bex is upset when she finds Pete has cheated on her. Claire tells her she had no idea he was seeing his receptionist. She also treats a patient, who claims to have hurt his head with a hammer. He asks her out for a drink, but is then discovered to have been another patient’s burglar. In S19 E24, Bex decides to go to the Valentines Ball with Claire to take her mind off Pete. They are having fun until Bex bumps into Pete there – with another woman. Claire chides Pete for the way he treated Bex but he says that they were only dating and were not serious. Bex gets increasingly drunk and sends Pete annoying text messages until he switches his phone off. She saunters over and demands to know why his mobile is off. The girl he is with assumes the worst and throws her drink over him before storming off. When they leave the club Pete offers to walk Bex home whilst Claire waits for a taxi. When they get to her house, Pete asks to come in but Bex refuses. He insists, saying she has been leading him on all night. She is shocked, saying she is not interested and was simply teaching him a lesson. She goes to slam the door in his face but he forces his way in. He pushes her up against the wall and rapes her. In S19 E26, Bex is shell shocked after her rape and calls in sick. Claire assumes she is hung-over. Pete has been kept in the cell, he undergoes his medical examination and is given bail. He goes straight to the hospital to tell Claire Bex has accused him of rape. Claire is in shock and cannot believe Bex would lie but this quickly turns to anger when she sees how upset her brother is. When patient, Donna, later assaults Claire, she breaks down to Luke. She tells him about Bex, he immediately jumps to her defence and tells Claire to sort her loyalties out – Pete must be lying. By next episode in S19 E27, Claire is still fuming regarding Bex’s allegations. In S19 E28, Bex is back at work and Claire wastes no time in letting her know what she thinks of her. Bex is finally sent home when Claire reduces her to tears – witnessed by Harry, Selena and Charlie, who all sympathise with her. Bex drinks vodka when she gets home and passes out in the bathroom. In S19 E29, Charlie asks Claire if she wants to take some time off. Claire is angry, thinking that Charlie wants her out of the way for Bex’s sake and storms out. Later, she interferes with a patient’s personal business and Charlie has stern words with her. He tells her to go somewhere to calm down and seriously consider his earlier offer. Luke finds Claire alone crying they end up kissing. Claire tells Nina that their landlord is selling the house so they now must find somewhere else to live. In S19 E30, Claire and Luke share a secret kiss in an empty office. Luke says that what they are doing is wrong because of Bex. Claire tells him they should just not talk about Bex or Luke when they are together. Later, Nina teases Claire about having a secret lover – Luke walks over and hears the conversation. In S19 E31, Bex is back at work and determined to get back into the swing of things. However, she is shaken when Claire tells her that Pete is at the hospital wanting to see her. In S19 E32, Luke brings Bex into work and she is shaky, thinking Pete was outside her house, but Claire becomes increasingly annoyed when Luke seems to be giving Bex more attention than her. Later, Luke agrees to a night in with a still shaken Bex and tries to reschedule his evening with Claire – but an irate Claire storms over to Bex, telling her that she is Luke’s girlfriend now. Later, Luke finds Bex crying and tries to apologise to her but she is inconsolable – Claire’s brother raped her. She cannot understand Luke and says she’ll never forgive him. In S19 E33, Clare is struggling with the thought of her brother’s court case and goes to speak to Pete. She is shocked when he reveals something to that he was forceful with Bex but that she was asking for it. In S19 E34, It is the day of the trial, Claire tries to talk to Pete outside but he says he did not rape Bex and begs her not to say anything. In court, Pete’s defence lawyer tries to discredit Bex in the witness box, reducing her to tears. That night Claire breaks down under the strain. She tells Luke that Pete told her he came on heavy with Bex but that she led him on. She wants comfort from Luke but he is furious and throws her out of his house. In S19 E35, Luke apologises to Claire for his outburst the previous week but tells her that she must tell the prosecution about Pete’s revelation. Claire tells Pete what Luke said, although he warns her that the conversation is hearsay and that it will be inadmissible in court. Luke goes to see the prosecution lawyer who tells him that if the person is a witness speaking under oath, it would be a crime not to disclose what they know. Later, Luke warns Claire that she could be found guilty of perjury and if she doesn’t say anything, they are finished. In S19 E36, Claire tells Luke she will tell the jury that Pete had sex with Bex, despite her saying no, and Luke reassures her that she is doing the right thing. Later, Claire tells Pete what she is planning to do, but he repeats what he previously told her – that the claim will be inadmissible in court. Claire says she knows he is lying, but a desperate Pete begs her not to say anything and says that he wouldn’t survive prison. When a tearful Claire takes to the stand, she almost tells the truth about Pete but cannot bring herself to do so, and says nothing. Outside, Pete thanks her but she tells him to leave her alone, and Luke walks off in disgust. Later, Claire finds Luke drunk at his house and he tells her that their relationship is over. In S19 E37, Pete is found not guilty at court. Claire is disgusted when he wants her to celebrate with him. In S19 E38, Claire tries to reason with Luke but he is angry and decides to tell Bex that Claire knew about Pete’s admission. A furious Bex slaps Claire. In S19 E39, Claire tries to talk to Bex but she refuses to talk to her. Claire then tries to talk to Luke, she defends Pete saying that he is not a rapist and he simply misread the signals but Luke says she is deluded. Feeling ostracised and needing to speak to someone who believes in Pete she goes to see his ex-girlfriend Zoe at her house. Claire tells Zoe that Pete has been accused of rape. Zoe breaks down and reveals that he also attacked her. A mortified Claire breaks the news to Luke. She leaves work and rushes off to confront Pete at home. She tells him she wants nothing more to do with him saying ‘You’re no brother of mine, not anymore!’. In S19 E41, Bex is still not speaking to Claire. Claire tells her she just found out that Pete has raped someone before. Claire tries to apologise but Bex says she is just trying to clear her conscience. Bex says she is going to leave Holby to make a fresh start. Claire is horrified and later tells Bex she will leave so that Bex can stay. Bex says she needs to leave because she cannot bare to see Luke and Claire together. Claire says that Luke wants nothing to do with her but Bex says that Luke still loves Claire. Claire speaks to Luke, the couple kiss and make up. In S19 E42, Bex pushes Claire down the hospital stairs when he goes to attack her. Luke and Charlie witness the end of the fall. Next episode in S19 E43, Claire is devestated when they are unable to save Pete’s life. She questions how it happened, but a cover up is already underway between Luke and Charlie. In S19 E44, it’s Pete’s funeral, afterwards Luke leaves to help Bex flee the country. In S19 E45, Claire is angry that Luke wasn’t more supportive at the funeral but they decide to give their struggling romance another go. In S19 E46, Claire is secretly putting a present in Luke’s car, when she discovers a CCTV tape in his glove compartment. She is horrified to find that it shows a blowing acount of how Pete died. In S19 E47, Luke tells Claire he has something important to tell her. Thinking she is going to get a confession from him, instead he proposes – but this is not what she wants to hear and storms off. In S19 E48, Claire persuades Charlie and Luke to scatter Pete’s ashes with her by the sea. But she soon starts behaving erratically and demands to know what happened to her brother. Later, as they all get in the car to go home, Claire deliberately drives off the harbour and into the water. Luke manages to pull Charlie out of the water to safety, but Claire does not survive.

Memorable Moments

  • S18 E8 – Keith arranges a ploy to get Claire alone, but it backfires.
  • S18 E46 – Bex and Claire catfight over Luke.
  • S19 E26 – Claire discovers Bex has accused her brother of rape.
  • S19 E29 – Claire and Luke share a kiss.
  • S19 E36 – Claire takes the stand and Pete’s trial.
  • S19 E43 – Claire is devestated when Pete dies.
  • S19 E48 – Erratic Claire drives off the harbour bridge with Luke and Charlie in tow.

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