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Cas Character

Curtis Cooper

Played by Abdul Salis


S22 E27 ‘Silent All These Years’ – S23 E48 ‘No Fjords in Finland (P2)’

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First Words


Baby faced Curtis, is not all he seems. Outwardly he is full of charm, is popular and goes to church, but there is another side to him. Secrets he tries to keep hidden. They tick away like a time bomb, lest he gets discovered.

Curtis joins the team from S22 E27. In S22 E29, Curtis shows another side when he manages to deal with a gang of boys, enabling the paramedic team to tend to a 13-year-old boy. In S22 E35, on the local Farmead Estate, a young boy staggers home with leg injuries and calls an ambulance. When the emergency call comes in, Curtis recognises the address and is troubled. Curtis and the boy appear to know each other, and another side of Curtis threatens to emerge, despite his protestations that he has changed. Later, he lays flowers at a grave. In S22 E44, at her party, Alice gets uncharacteristically drunk and Curtis over-reacts to her flirtatious behaviour on the dance floor.

In S23 E5, Alice joins Curtis on his paramedic shift and there’s clearly a spark between them. When they arrive at the chaotic Farmead Estate, Alice is intrigued by Curtis and the way he successfully deals with the situation. In S23 E11, Curtis is faced with his past when he sees an old acquaintance dealing drugs. He confronts him and nearly beats him up but, at the last minute, walks away. When Alice asks him what’s going on, he takes her to see his brother’s grave and reveals all about his past. In S23 E16, Alice is worried that Curtis is ashamed of her – but he alleviates her fears with a kiss. In S23 E22, Aan old friend of Curtis’ is brought into the ED, having being stabbed by Tony – the man who killed Curtis’s brother. A wedge is driven between Curtis and Alice when he refuses to talk to the police. However, when Curtis is later confronted with Tony, he has a dramatic change of heart and confesses everything. The police make an arrest but Curtis and his friends are left fearful. In S23 E23, a father takes his son mountain biking but falls down a ravine, badly injuring himself. His son runs to find help and discovers Curtis and Alice having a picnic. Curtis battles alone to save the father’s life, while Alice goes to find help. Curtis realises how much he loves Alice and resolves to tell her as soon as he can. In S23 E25, Curtis answers a hoax call and is unsettled to discover it was called in by Tony, who makes a threat against Alice. Curtis races back and finds that Alice is OK, but cancels their dinner date. When Alice tells Curtis she didn’t like the macabre Valentine’s card he sent her, Curtis realises it’s Tony’s work and breaks up with Alice. In S23 E26, a distraught Alice reveals to Tess that she and Curtis have split up, saying she thinks it was because she refused to move to London. Tess tries to persuade Curtis to talk to Alice and, as he’s still madly in love with her, Curtis agrees. But before he gets the chance to speak to her, he receives a photo on his phone of Alice – from Tony. In an effort to keep Alice out of harms way and convince Tony she means nothing to him, Curtis sends Tony an abusive message about her. Tess later discovers the message and, unaware of the real reason behind it, warns Curtis to stay away from Alice. Later, Alice is followed home by a hooded figure – it’s Curtis, making sure his girl is safe. In S23 E28, a conversation with Tess convinces Alice there’s more to Curtis’s behaviour than meets the eye. Tess reveals she accidentally overheard an abusive phone message he left for Tony about Alice. Knowing that Curtis would never contact Tony of his free will, Alice puts two and two together and realises that he’s trying to protect her from the man who killed his brother. Alice sends him a text message from Luke’s gravestone only to hear his ringtone nearby. Yet when she calls out to him, he won’t reveal himself.

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