Danielle Brent

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APPEARANCE : S20 E13 ‘Getting Involved’

CHARACTER : Sharon Court

STORYLINE : During a work team-building ski-ing day, boss Sharon continues to bully one of her workers, Erica. Meanwhile, Becky, has been lying to her new boyfriend, Robert, to impress him and has claimed she is a good skier. However she crashes into Erica and Sharon on the slopes. In ED, Becky confesses all to Robert, whilst Sharon breaks down when she discovers her boyfriend has still been seeing his wife and got her pregnant. Erica comforts her and even takes her home.

APPEARANCE : S23 E35 ‘Better Drowned’



APPEARANCE : S25 E45 ‘System Error’

CHARACTER : Esther Cobb


ACTOR FAMED FOR : Gina Patrick in Hollyoaks; Natalie Buxton in Bad Girls

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