David Paisley

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Plays Ben Saunders

DATE OF BIRTH : 2nd February 1979

HEIGHT : 5ft 8

BORN : Falkirk, Scotland

LIVES : Glasgow.

FAMILY : David is the 5th of 6th brothers. Mother, Janet is an accalimed author and playwright.

PARTNER ; Openly Homosexual – has partner, Alex. ‘It’s not an issue to me, so I wouldn’t even consider trying to hide it.’

PETS : Two cats, George and Martha

ON HOLBY CITY : ‘On my very first day on Set, I had to put on rubber gloves and hold this wriggly little baby covered in Vaseline to make it look as if it had just been born. I was petrified that I’d drop him. The baby’s parents were in the corner watching my every move, and I had to make it look as if I was an expert.’

ON RESEARCH FOR ROLE : ‘I know it sounds stupid but I never really thought about giving birth and the time and emotion involved as what starts as just a lump in the tummy becomes a baby. So I got hold of a video of a birth and sat and watched that.. and it made me cry!’

CASUALTY APPEARANCE : David appeared in a number of episodes of CASUALTY during Series 17, as Ben Saunders – in an interlinked storyline involving his relationship with CASUALTY Security Guard Tony Vincent.

TELEVISION CREDITS : Tinsel Town; Holby City; Monarch of the Glen; As If; Casualty; Whistleblower; River City

FILM CREDITS : Unhappy Birthday

THEATRE CREDITS : A.D.; Double Yella; Falling for Grace; Dangerous; The Back Room; Over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy Story; Muhmah

AGENT : AIM, Fairfax House, Fulwood Place, London WC1V 6HU.


* Ben ran the London Marathon in 2003 to raise funds for Scottish Womens Aid

Twitter : @DavidPaisley

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