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Cas Character

Eve Montgomery

Played by Barbara Marten


S12 E13 – S14 E8

Job Title

Staff Nurse / Sister

First Words

[Enters A& with a patient, Mark doesn’t realise who she is]

Eve: Can I have some assistance over here please, we’ll need a wheelchair, young man out playing soldiers fell off a rope ladder, nasty cut to side of head, possible fracture to hand.


Eve Montgomery was introduced in S12 E13. Her character runs into a patient outside A&E on her first day. She brings him in and Mark takes over, asking Eve if anyone has ever told her that she would be a good nurse, not knowing that Eve actually is a nurse and will be working there.

In S12 E16, Eve and Mark go against eachother when they both go for an interview for the Sister’s post in A&E. Eve is showing enthusiasm by arriving earlier to her shift, helping to put up the Christmas decorations and at the same time impressing Elliot. Her interview goes well and she brings up about the three years she spent in India, volunteering at a church hospital. Eve gets the position.

In S12 E22, Eve talks to Tina after her attack. Tina tells Eve she wants to leave – that she’s not safe. Eve is confused and tries to talk to her but Tina just snaps. Eve keeps trying but Tina shows her the Victim Support leaflets. Eve asks what happened on the night she was attacked. Tina can’t answer and instead grabs her stuff and tries to leave but Eve won’t let her go. Tina yells at her to let her past but Eve demands she tells her what happened and eventually Tina breaks down and admits she was raped. Eve is stunned and hugs her. Tina begins to tell Eve about her rape, and Eve hugs Tina as she tries to reassure her it wasn’t her fault. As they sit in the Staff Room, Tina blames herself and Eve realises she knew her rapist. Tina says he was her patient and that it happened in the room by the ladies toilets. Eve tells her it wasn’t her fault and offers to let her stay with her for a few days.

In S13 E7, Eve has a disagreement with SHO Sean over the treatment of a patient in his care. Sean thinks that the boy is just drunk and will be fine but Eve thinks he should be kept in. Sean ignores her and discharges the boy, but he is later brought in and dies.

Later on in Series 13, Eve speaks to Gerry, a minister. He tells her of his successes in getting goods to take out to Romania. Eve says she wishes she could come, and he says he wants her to come. She says she’s fed up with A&E and wants to go somewhere to make a difference, but she says she won’t be able to get time off work, as she’s already arranged to have her holiday later. He tries to persuade her that she could arrange it, as she has enough holiday owing. Eve later asks Charlie, who tells her it’s not possible. She is annoyed and goes over his head to request the time off – and gets it. She phones Gerry to tell him she will be going with him.

In S13 E18, Eve is back from Romania. On a day off she is helping at a shelter for the homeless, along with Marius Lupescu, a Romanian, and Gerry. Frank Gallagher goes along to the shelter. He is later involved in a fight and is stabbed. Eve looks after him until the paramedics arrive. When they do, Josh tells Eve that Frank is Max’s son – she didn’t know.

Later on in this episode, Eve finds that the man who stabbed Frank is holding a homeless girl in the toilets. He says he won’t let her go unless he can see his wife. The girl has asthma and her symptoms are getting worse. Eve recognises this and realises she has to do what the man says to help the girl. He tells Eve his wife is at the airport so she says she’ll take him. He drags the girl along – who is getting progressively worse. Instead of the airport, Eve drives to the hospital and demands he lets the girl go – she needs to be treated.

In S13 E20, Sean gets a letter by mistake that reveals Eve is married to Marius. He tells everyone about it. Eve finds out that everyone knows – Adam asks if she loves him but she says it isn’t like that. Charlie if there’s any chance of a job as an HCA for Marius, even though he has no work permit. Charlie says he can’t afford to take anyone on but tells her that the hospital cleaning firm is taking people on; he’ll have a word if she thinks Marius will be interested. Eve says that would be great and Charlie manages to sort out a job for him.

In S13 E25, Eve gets a Valentine’s card. She thanks Marius for it; he says he got one too and says someone’s playing games. But he then gives her a crucifix on a chain that belonged to his grandmother. He says he needs to talk to her in private – he has something to say to her. He shows her a letter, from Amnesty International. He says he has to go back to Romania as he is needed there; he is going in the next couple of weeks because he says if he doesn’t he won’t be able to leave. Eve asks why; he says, “You know why” and takes hold of her hand. Eve begs him not to go. He says he’s sorry but he has to do what’s right. He says he can’t abandon everything he’s worked for; he says this is more important than anything else. Eve leaves, trying not to cry.

In S13 E28, Eve is crying in the staff room. She reveals to Duffy and Charlie that Marius has gone back to Romania to continue with his work there. She says, “I really thought he was the one.”

In S14 E4, Gerry comes into the department to see Eve. He tells her he’s been diagnosed with a form of cancer and asks her if he’s dying. She says there’s treatment but no cure, so yes he is, although it could be months, or even longer. Gerry says he keeps asking “Why me?” as he runs the mission – why would God want to kill him? Eve can’t answer that but says he doesn’t have to go through it alone and promises she’ll be there for him. She goes to see Sam. He tells her that he can’t remember much just after the accident but he remembers being scared of dying. She tells him about Gerry, and how he’s now confused about his faith. She asks Sam if he has faith; he says, “I’ve got you lot.” Eve tells him she’ll always be there for him.

In S14 E6, Gerry is brought back into the department after collapsing. His cancer has spread and he is dying; he asks Sean how long he’s got. Sean says he doesn’t know; he tells Duffy it could be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Eve stays with Gerry; she is extremely upset. Gerry says he’s glad she’s with him, and tells her that he would never have started the Mission if it hadn’t been for her. He is in a great deal of pain and is short of breath; Sean prescribes some morphine to last a while, but Eve, seeing the amount of pain Gerry is in, injects it all in just a short while. She holds him to her as he dies, telling him not to fight it.Later a woman arrives in reception asking for Eve; it turns out she is Gerry’s sister. Eve did not know he had a sister; his sister says that it split up the family when he went into the church. She says she always thought she’d have the chance to be reconciled. Eve tells Sean what she did; he tells her no-one can blame her for wanting to relieve his pain but Eve says she can. She says she shouldn’t have done it to him as he was a man of God. She takes Gerry’s sister to the chapel to see him. She thanks Eve for all she’s done; Eve closes the door to leave her alone with him, then goes down the corridor, leans against a wall then collapses to the floor, sobbing.

In S14 E7, Eve is still feeling guilty over what she did for Gerry. She talks to Sean and later to Father Peter Harker, a hospital chaplain, saying that she had no right to make a judgement on how much longer he lived. She now thinks she was acting in her interests, not Gerry’s. She says when she gave Gerry the injection she wasn’t thinking like a nurse. She says she doesn’t want the responsibility any more; she doesn’t want to play at being God. Eve is sitting in the hospital chapel. Sean comes in. Eve is thinking of resigning. She says she denied Gerry’s sister the chance of seeing him before he died. Sean says he wishes he could make her see that she’s done nothing wrong. She says, “We tried really hard to save those two lives today, didn’t we? But I didn’t fail when I ended Gerry’s life. That’s not the kind of nurse I want to be.”

In Eve’s last episode, Sean lets it slip to Charlie that she’s had been thinking of resigning following her friend Gerry’s death. Eve later freezes in resus and walks out. She empties her locker and leaves the department. Charlie guesses Eve has gone to the Mission. He goes to look for her and finds her there. He is upset that she just left in the middle of a shift without a word and Eve apologises. Charlie says they could have been more supportive after Gerry’s death, saying she could have talked to him. He keeps trying to persuade her not to leave, but Eve won’t be persuaded. Charlie says she’s one of the best nurses; Eve says she doesn’t think so. She says she knows what she did was wrong and she doesn’t have a chance to change things. Charlie asks what she’ll do; she says she’ll start by working to keep Gerry’s Mission open. Charlie asks if she’ll go back to say goodbye; Eve says maybe, when she feels she can. Charlie gives her a goodbye hug.

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