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Cas Character

Faith Cadogan

Played by Kirsty Mitchell


S34 E17 –

Job Title

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

First Words

(in Resus) Airway clear


Husband, paramedic Lev Malinovsky. Children Natalia, Ana and Luka.


Kind and compassionate nurse Faith is married to paramedic Lev, with three children. On the surface their marriage appears to be rock solid however cracks start to appear when their young son, Luka is diagnosed with a brain tumour.  Battling with his own demons, Lev, starts cheating on Faith with other men. Meanwhile Faith has a strong friendship bond with Dylan and when he discovers Lev kissing another man, he decides to tell her.

At first Faith finds it hard to contemplate the news but confronts her husband who admits the truth. Faith continues to seek solace in Dylan and it’s clear the feelings they have for eachother are growing. When the pair are brought together following an ambulance crash and Faith’s life is on the edge – they can’t help but tell one another how they feel.

Memorable Moments

  • S34 E17 – Faith makes her debut.
  • S34 E20 – Faith’s son is brought in following a fall and is diagnosed with a brain tumour.
  • S34 E22 – Faith and Lev attend a consultation meeting, in which they are told their son’s cancer tumour needs to be operated on
  • S34 E25Faith struggles to cope with Luka’s diagnosis and turns to Dylan for comfort.
  • S34 E29 – As Luke is in chemotherapy, Faith finds Lev’s anger at the situation difficult.
  • S34 E36 – A hostage situation in the ED leads Dylan to risk his life for Faith, which makes her question her emotions towards him.
  • S34 E39 – Dylan catches Lev kissing another man, whilst Faith discovers a treatment plan viable for Luka.
  • S34 E42 – Dylan reveals to Faith that Lev has been cheating on her.
  • S35 E2 – Faith confronts Lev with the cheating rumours and he comes clean.
  • S35 E4Dylan races to save Faith when an ambulance crash throws her into peril.

Love Interests

  • Lev Malinovsky
  • Dylan Keogh

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