Goodbye Louise

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Azuka Oforka bowed out of CASUALTY this weekend, leaving on a a vital storyline highlighting the pressures of nursing in the NHS.

Azuka joined the show back in October 2011 as an Ambulance Control Officer, then becoming Noel’s sidekick receptionist for three series before returning to a nursing position in Series 30. Louise has always shown her strong and passionate beliefs with storylines including a booze bus and visiting a refugee camp, but her problems came to a head recently with money problems leading her to go to a food bank and losing patient Ernest, who was unable to get the treatment he needed.

On Twitter, Azuka revealed her character was only meant to be in three episodes, adding ‘But after 7 years that’s a wrap on my time in Casualty and Louise exits the way she entered….tottering down the ambulance run!! Thank you so much for your love, support and kind words, it means a lot.’

A look back at some of Louise’s highlights ..

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