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Cas Character

Hakkan Tahsin

Played by Raza Jaffrey


S16 E34 – S16 E37

Last Words



After Girlfriend Roxanne Bird moves in with her new flatmates Nikki and Anna in S16 E34, Hakkan Tahsin decides to spend the night with Roxy. Roxys flatmates, however, are irritated about this.

In S16 E36, Nikki is clearly annoyed about Hakkan’s presence and suspects that he has been stealing off of all of them when things go missing. She decides to confront Roxy about it who denies that he could do anything of the sort.

Hakkan is at the girls’ flat while they are working and has hired a van to take all of there belongings at the start or episode 37. However, his little plan backfires on him as the fridge freezer he tries to take, falls down on top of him. An ambulance is called as he is immobile and doubling over in pain. Unfortunately, Nikki ends up getting this shout and when she arrives she doesn’t believe her eyes. They take Hakkan to the hospital with two dislocated shoulders. When Roxy and Anna are told by Nikki about what has happened, they plan to give him and ear bashing while he waits for his shoulders to be re-located. Before they get a chance, Hakkan flees the department as Ana and Roxy silently laugh at the pain he will be in when the morphine wears out. Hakkan doesn’t come back.

Memorable moments

S16 E37 – Hakkan’s plan to rob Nikki, Anna & Roxy backfires and he is injured.

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