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Cas Character

Harry Harper

Played by Simon MacCorkindale


S16 E37 ‘Denial’ – S22 E28 ‘Thicker Than Water’

Job Title

Consultant & Director of Emergency Medicine

First Words

Children are not problems!


After Max’s sudden exit, tough new Consultant Harry Harper joined the team. Harry is a total professional, from the ‘old school’ way of thinking and manages to juggle his work with his busy family life – including his five children. However when he arrives in S16 E37, two of his children, teenager Jordan and his baby Daisy, are in tow after his child minder was told to leave by his wife Beth]. Harry already clearly sees how emotionally involved Lara gets with her patients, after a policeman’s wife is brought in after being attacked. Later, Lara and Simon both attend the Medical Registrar position interview. Lara hasn’t had the best of starts with Consultant Harry, so is dismayed to see him on the interview panel. Harry holds a meeting at the end of shift and invites everyone out to dinner. Next episode, Harry inform Simon that he has got the position. In S16 E39, an elderly cyclist is brought in with a thorasic aneurysm, but is told by Harry that he is unlikely to be allowed an operation because of his age, angering Simon. Harry also treats David Collier – the policeman attacked by Lara in self defence. He is seriously ill and about to go up to theatre – Lara urges Harry not to let him die. In S16 E40, Harry celebrates with the staff at the news he has become Consultant. He lets to slip to Charlie that he believes management pushed Max out of his job – Charlie is shocked and goes to confront Jan.

In S17 E1, Harry takes his five children to the Holby City Fair. Tensions are high as his 16 year old daughter Tally is threatening to leave home. However his help is needed elsewhere when a bungee jumper collides with a sky diver. Harry decides with all the traffic, an air ambulance needs to be called – but it quickly becomes a full scale emergency when the helicopter crashes after becoming entangled with the parachute. Harry is dismayed when he finds lives have been lost despite his heroic actions, but Tally decides to not to leave and tells him how proud she is of him. In S17 E3, Harry and Duffy attend Lara’s trial as witnesses. Harry and Dillon also clash with Charlie over how to deal with an illegal immigrant who has swallowed heroin. In S17 E6, Harry asks nurse Anna to help him choose lingerie for his wife over the internet. In S17 E7, Harry has to deal with Dillon and Simon, after they have a fight in A&E over Heather. He also treats Roxy’s daughter after she is brought in. In S17 E8, after a staff drink do, Anna ends up back at Harry’s house and they end up sharing an illicit kiss before she backs off. In S17 E9, Lara is released after her case goes to appeal. Jan is not happy about having her back on the team, however Harry and Charlie pull a stunt to get her back in A&E. In S17 E10, Lara runs over a dog on the way to work – Harry, passing by, helps and saves the dog. It’s Heather’s last day and Harry tells her he will give her a bad reference. In S17 E12, Lara gets heavily involved in a case involving a woman who has been beaten – Harry takes her aside trying to get her to face up to her own problems but she walks out. He later speaks to her again and she breaks down. Harry invites her to stay at his house with his family. Harry’s wife, Beth, is unhappy at having Lara staying and in S17 E14 is irritated when Harry invites her to stay for Christmas. In S17 E16, the wife of a policeman is brought in after a reaction to the ecstasy she took to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Lara wants to report the husband, but Harry decides to let it go. In S17 E18, Harry is angry when a young girl is brought in after an infection following a private breast enhancement operation. In S17 E21, Harry is out sailing with his wife, when he spots another boat in trouble. He finds it full of asylum seekers and foes to help, but regrets his actions after discovering he has saved the life of a murderer. In S17 E25, Harry is pleased to see Selena, who arrives to carry out a new drugs trial. In S17 E27, Tally persuades her mum, Beth, to take her for a promised driving lesson after Harry makes up an excuse for getting home late. The lesson turns into a nightmare when Beth grabs the wheel from Tally to avoid an oncoming car and crashes into a tree. Tally desperately calls for help, but can’t get through to Harry, who is having a secret dinner date with Selena. When Harry eventually gets to the hospital – Beth has died and he can’t bear to look at his daughter. Next episode, he is back in the department – the staff are surprised to see him and are worried that he is not coping well. They also give Selena the cold shoulder, after she was with him the night Beth died. Tally is staying with Lara, since Harry is avoiding her. In S17 E29, Harry fails to resuscitate a patient which brings back raw memories of Beth’s death – Lara takes him aside to comfort him. In S17 E32, Lara confronts him, suggesting his behaviour is causing patients to suffer. In S17 E33, the A&E department is under siege by a teenager brandishing a gun. In the commotion, Tally and Harry patch up their differences. In S17 E35, Harry sends Simon home after his angry behaviour towards patients and staff. By S17 E39, Simon is angry and realises that no-one wants him around and asks Harry for a transfer, but Harry refuses saying it’s a cowards way out. Later, Simon is called out to an emergency, Josh is unhappy with Simon’s treatment over a young boy and reports him. Simon is convinced Josh is out for revenge – but Harry is forced to suspend him.

In S18 E3, Harry discusses coming off the anti-depressants he started taking after his wife’s death, as he feels they have become an emotional crutch. But his doctor is not convinced and only agrees to reduce the dosage. In S18 E4, Harry seems a bit preoccupied and fails to recognise the symptoms of a threatening disease during a patient’s assessment. He also gets the shakes while helping a collapsed woman and explains it away by telling Lara that his body is just adjusting because he has stopped taking his anti-depressants. But he later fills out a prescription form for himself, forging Lara’s signature. In S18 E6, Lara persuades Harry to join her in enjoying the bottle of red wine he gave her and the pair wind down together in mutual admiration. In S18 E7, Simon and Tally arrive for work, having obviously spent the night together. Harry is furious and makes it clear that he strongly disapproves. In S18 E8, while in Harry’s office, Tally accidentally discovers the drugs in his pocket but he interrupts her and uses the opportunity to divulge information regarding Simon’s past. She is furious when he suggests Simon is only with her to get back at him but, feeling insecure, she asks Simon about it. Simon confronts Harry and tells him to deal with it. In S18 E9, Bex begs to accompany Harry to his photo shoot with Lord Lichfield. Tally susses that Harry has been self-prescribing. She conveys her worries to Simon and he spitefully logs the information as ammunition. He flaunts his relationship with Tally in Harry’s face by appearing half-naked in his dressing gown back at their house. Fuming, Harry tries to throw him out until Simon threatens to uncover his secret unless they discuss his career options. In S18 E10, Harry is late for work and, driving in a rush, fails to see a cyclist travelling at speed around the corner. The cyclist crashes straight into Harry’s rental car and rebounds off the bonnet. Simon adds to Harry’s grief when he arrives with the new Rapid Response Team. Battle continues in resus as he passes veiled messages to Harry about weakness of character. Lara is nobody’s fool and, realising that something is going on, talks to Harry about his decision to switch her shift with Simon. She refers to the tense atmosphere and Harry falls apart, admitting everything and confessing he needs help. Broken and in tears, he accepts Lara’s support and advice. In S18 E11, Lara encourages Harry to admit to his doctor that he cannot cope without the drug therapy. She suggests he destroy the doctored records and then she threatens Simon. He infuriates her by insinuating that she fancies Harry and she slaps him; later, Tally pours a bed pan all over Simon when she finds out what he has been doing. She backtracks but Simon declares that they are finished. At the launch, Harry picks up the wrong signals and attempts to kiss Lara. In S18 E12, Harry’s luck is not much better – Lara admits his flirtatious behaviour has made her feel uncomfortable and is not interested in anything more than friendship. In S18 E13 Harry takes Lara out to lunch to confess he is in love with her, but she turns him down, saying she cares about him only as a friend. In S18 E16, hungover Claire administers the wrong drugs to a patient when Harry messes up the notes. In S18 E18, Bex rallies staff to watch CCTV tape showing Luke and Lara’s intimate relations on hospital property. Angry, Harry accuses Lara of breaching her contract. Though embarrassed, Lara plays the jealousy card. In S18 E19, Harry is angry and humiliated about the tape and begins a campaign against Lara, making snide comments and putting her under pressure. In S18 E20, everyone is fed up of Harry bullying Lara and Tess notices that it is affecting the efficiency of the whole department. Lara confronts him about his endless sniping and snide comments that contain veiled reference to her professionalism. In the showdown that follows, she accuses him of being vindictive and warns that he will be reported by Tess if matters are not resolved. He is broken and admits that he just wants them to be close again. In S18 E21, Harry puts Simon and Lara at risk while at an outdoor pursuit centre for management training. Rattled by Lara’s late-night shenanigans with the instructor, Harry stubbornly ignores the marked route and heads off down a darkened tunnel during a cave orienteering exercise. After losing his footing, he slips down the shaft and hurts his leg. In attempt to rescue him, they all end up trapped in freezing, wet conditions and the instructor is badly injured. Anger turns to panic when the hole begins to fill with water. Cramped and cold, they reveal intimacies until Lara decides to venture back into the tunnel. When the only thing left to do is swim underwater to an opening, Simon volunteers to go first and secure the route. He courageously helps Harry, but in a moment of confusion knocks his head against a rock and does not resurface. In S18 E22, Simon, who was hoping to escape by swimming underwater to an opening, has not reappeared. Lara leaps into the water, while Harry callously writes him off as a lost cause. After dragging Simon to the surface, she brings him round but he has no sensation in his legs. Lara has to keep both men conscious and releases a tirade of abuse to do so. When the cave rescue team reaches them, they are delirious. Lara blames Harry for the disaster, and Simon’s spinal injury means he may never walk again. In S18 E23, Lara is appalled by Harry’s suggestion of a temporary replacement for Simon. She is by Simon’s side when he feels the first hint of sensation returning in his legs. In S18 E25, Harry is dismissive of the amount of praise Simon is getting when he returns to the department in a wheelchair. In S18 E26, Tally is still taking a great interest in Simon’s wellbeing now that he is back on his feet again, but her attentions are not well received. Harry, meanwhile, is not happy when Simon and Lara join forces to question his authority. In S18 E30, Tally warns Lara her time is up; if she does not have the decency to tell her dad about her and Simon, then she will. Lara admits the affair to Harry, who tries to hide his jealousy and, when she pushes him further, he announces the affair to the entire staff. In S18 E31, Tally takes the opportunity to stir things up and lies to her dad, saying that Simon said he loved her. She turns on the tears and claims that Simon has messed her around and she does not know where she stands. Harry is furious with Simon and has it out with him. In S18 E32, Lara makes it clear to Harry that Tally is a liability to patients and that he has to get rid of her. Harry confronts Tally over Lara’s accusations and is stunned when she admits to them. He tells her he has no alternative but to suspend her. Tally accuses Harry of being heartless, doing this on her dead mother’s birthday, but her day gets even worse when Simon lets her know he is glad to see the back of her – she was the biggest mistake of his life. Harry is brought to the toilets to find Tally unconscious on the floor after taking an overdose. In S18 E33, a prison riot means Harry has to shut down the department to take in injured prisoners. It is hard for Harry to concentrate with Tally still in resus but, after an agonising wait, he is told she will be fine. Harry’s relief turns to anger when he sees Lara and blames her. However, he later realises he is at fault for what Tally has done. In S18 E34, Tally, who is still recovering in hospital, breaks down when Lara visits her. She apologises for her behaviour, and Lara advises her to sort things out with Harry – but Tally believes he is blaming her for her mother’s death. Harry, realising he’s been neglecting Tally, persuades her take a holiday with him. In S18 E37, Harry is horrified when he returns to work to discover that the nurses are on strike. Although he manages to put the doctors’ rota back to normal, Charlie feels betrayed and writes his resignation letter. In S18 E38, Harry questions Abs about a patient on whom Simon had previously made a mistake. Abs confirms it was Simon’s error but Lara lies, saying it was hers. Abs is annoyed but Lara reminds him that Simon has covered for him and suggests he owes it to Simon to keep quiet. In S18 E40, Simon tells Harry that he has been taking drugs since the cave accident and that Lara has had to cover for him. Harry is furious and agrees that Simon should resign. In S18 E41, Simon seeks professional help for his drug problem and Lara tries to persuade Harry to discard Simon’s resignation letter, but Harry is adamant that he is a liability. Lara tells him that if he does not give Simon another chance, she will report him for his self-prescribing. In S18 E42, Simon comes in for his meeting with Harry. To Simon’s surprise, Harry tells him he can have his job back if he guarantees to continue with his drug counselling. In S18 E43, Simon is finding it hard to concentrate and Harry has to take on two of his patients. Simon is angry and frustrated at the way Harry is overseeing him and he turns to drugs. In S18 E44, Simon is still finding it hard to cope with Harry watching his every move. In S18 E46, Lara flees the wedding venue with Harry, after discovering Simon’s infidelity and, oblivious to the plane crash that Simon has just been involved in, instructs him to take her to the airport. Harry is first smug to have taken her away from Simon, but upset when he finds out she has bought a one way ticket to Australia.

At the beginning of Series 19, Harry copes with the return of newly-married Selena, who he last saw at the time of Beth’s death. But the pair seem to be able to move on. Harry and his team have to deal with the harrowing case of two missing children. In S19 E2, after Nina falls down a sewer, Harry warns her she could become a quadriplegic as a result of her injuries. In S19 E12, Harry questions Abs and Ellen about the patient who went into cardiac arrest the episode before. Ellen says she will cover for him but tries to blackmail him in return. In S19 E16, Jim tells Harry that he has been struck off the State medical board in America, meaning he can never practise medicine there again. He fears that the GMC will do the same. Harry tells him he will speak to the trust and that Jim should take some time off. He tells Jim not to worry as it does not necessarily mean that the GMC will take action. Guppy declines Harry’s offer to attend the wedding party. Harry asks Woody to take Guppy under his wing, Woody reluctantly agrees. In S19 E17, Harry and Connie take charge after an oil tanker crashes into part of the hospital. In S7 E11, Harry tries to help some of the team get to safety. As they attempt tp cross a bridge, it collapses and Rosie and Jim cling onto Harry for survival. Harry tells them he is unable to hold onto them both for much longer; Jim courageously lets go and falls to his death. In S19 E18, Harry gives the staff a talk to keep morale up. Half-way through Charlie bursts in having returned from Canada early. Harry reveals the events of last episode to him. In S19 E19, a woman and her daughter climb into a window cleaner’s cradle so they can spy on McFly in their hotel room. The cradle gets stuck and the daughter falls, injuring her leg. Although he is terrified of heights, Harry has to absail from the roof down the outside of the hotel to treat the girl. In S19 E20, Comfort is rushed to the hospital and treated by Harry, but he is unable to save her baby. In S19 E22, Charlie receives a mysterious email from a woman asking to meet him at 4.30pm in the on-call room, to talk. He turns up and sees Harry there too. Selena arrives and asks where the two old men needing assistance are. Luke and Woody appear, laughing – Harry and Charlie realise they have been the victims of a practical joke. In S19 E23, Woody and Luke ends up with parrot droppings over them after a shout. Harry and Selena plot to play a practical joke on the pair to pay them back for last episode. Harry tells them the parrot droppings could cause a potentially fatal disease. Selena warns them they will need an injection in their bottoms and tells them to go and get undressed. Charlie pulls back the bed curtain to take a Polaroid of the paramedics but they have left dummies lying there – they had guessed it was a joke. Ellen’s failure to notice a patient is deteriorating has near fatal consequences. Harry finds out and is furious, he takes her into his office and reprimands her. Ellen is insolent and Harry warns her that her behaviour was near negligent and he will not forget this. In S19 E24, Harry demands that there be a full investigation into Ellen’s behaviour. In S19 E25, Harry questions Tess over why Ellen is working at the hospital when she does not have a visa. Tess informs him that she is a good nurse, did have a visa when she started working there and that it is a nursing issue so Harry should not get involved. In S19 E26, Harry is in a bad mood and complains to Charlie that he invested half of Beth’s life insurance and has lost the money. In S19 E27, Tess’s husband, Mike, is still in a critical condition after a car crash and Harry advises her that she should allow them to turn off his life support machine. As she keeps vigil by his bedside, she prays for a miracle. Later, it appears that her prayers have been answered; Harry says that Mike has not deteriorated at all, and that he has never seen anything like it in his life. In S19 E32, Harry announces to Nina and Claire that he is their new landlord. Nina is not impressed. In S19 E34, Harry berates Guppy for being tired and irritable at work. Guppy says that he is finding it near impossible to get a good night’s sleep in the nurses dorm where he is staying. Harry warns him he needs to find somewhere else to live. In S19 E35, Harry tells Abs he has a new tenant and that he must move out today. Later that evening, Abs and Nina meet the new tenant – Guppy. In S19 E36, Guppy tells Harry that the shower in the flat is broken, and Woody and Harry go round to fix it. Whilst downstairs, Nina and Abs are unaware that Harry and Woody are upstairs. Harry hears a noise and suspects there may be a burglar. However, when they creep downstairs to investigate, they find a naked Nina and Abs on the couch. In S19 E41, Harry and the team fight to save Selena who has been stabbed in the car park. In S19 E42, Harry discovers Selena’s husband Will has been having an affair with Ellen. At the hospital where Selena is still recovering, he tries to tell her that seeing her nearly die made him realise he had feelings for her. Selena begs him not to say anymore and he apologises, leaving her alone. In S19 E43, Harry is unable to save Claire’s brother Pete who has fallen down steps at the hospital. Guppy meanwhile discovers his doctor father is being paid by a drugs company, he threatens to report him but Jas says Harry is involved too. Next episode, Guppy turns detective to try and see whether Harry is infact involved. In S19 E45, Guppy requests a transfer, unhappy about Harry’s involvement and confronts him next episode. Innocent Harry is outraged and denies everything but, as Guppy tries to apologise, Harry throws him out. In S19 E47, Guppy apologises to Harry about accusing him of misconduct. Harry tells him he shouldn’t have questioned his integrity but to say no more about the incident. Meanwhile Selena collapses due to complications from her stabbing – he tries to search for Will and finds him in a comprimising position with Ellen again.

In S20 E3, Harry tells Guppy he is going to report Jas to the GMC for his involvement in the drugs trial. Guppy begs Harry to let him talk his father into resigning quietly instead and Harry reluctantly agrees. Guppy tells Jas that he gave Harry the evidence he found on Jas’s laptop. Jas is appalled but agrees to resign rather than be sacked. In S20 E4, Harry worries when Jas tells him he discovered Harry was once self-prescribing anti-depressants. The scheming doctor says he will report Harry if he does not keep quiet about the drugs trial. In S20 E5, when one of Jas’ patients has been misdiagnosed – Harry encourages them to report him which leads to Jas’ downfall. In S20 E8, Harry is left in the lurch when his au pair quits. But help is at hand when Ellen offers to help out with the children. Harry later arrives home to find that she has done a sterling job, and the pair end the evening chatting about how lonely they are. Harry and Kizzy, who earlier have an argument, also make up and she tells him she is proud of him for saving a young girl, who became trapped in a fridge. In S20 E12, Selena notices Ellen flirting with Harry and warns him to be careful. Later Harry is having trouble with his computer in the office. As Ellen enters with some paperwork, she offers to help. As they get closer, Harry moves in to kiss Ellen but she tells him that despite wanting it, it would be wrong and leaves him feeling rather embarrassed. However, as she walks out, she feels very pleased with herself. In S20 E15, new Corporate Director, Nathan, starts work and ruffles Harry’s feathers with his new rules. The pair clash and Nathan tells Harry that if he cannot co-operate he will find a Clinical Director who can. In S20 E16, Harry is struggling to implement the 4 hour rule and achieve the targets or else look for a new job. His team, however, are in high spirits looking forward to the Christmas party tonight and are in no mood for a party pooper like Harry. As the department gets busier Harry has no choice but to crack the whip with the staff. Harry retires to his office and begins to write his resignation letter, feeling he can no longer implement something that he doesn’t truly believe in. Ellen comes to keep him company, and is shocked by this. She encourages him not to resign by flattering him. Harry’s vulnerable and enjoys her praise, so Ellen seizes her chance and makes a move. Harry responds and the two begin to kiss passionately. In S20 E18, Harry is feeling the heat from manager Nathan about the four-hour rule and his team aren’t happy with him. Ellen hatches a plan, so that Harry is provoked into defending his actions against Nathan and getting his department to realise the pressure he is under. But Harry is angered at her meddling. In S20 E19 Harry tries to cool his relationship with Ellen but she arranges for them to go to the opera. Harry tells Ellen he’s tried to get hold of the babysitter, but she’s busy. However, Ellen says she’s already booked her. Harry’s impressed and they head off together. In S20 E20, Guppy is in a terrible state since his father has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and being asked by him to help end his life. Guppy turns to Harry and pleads with him to help. Harry is initially resistant, but finds himself agreeing to kill Jas. Later, Harry gets a call and his face darkens. He has to tell Guppy that Jas has suffocated himself with a plastic bag. Guppy is distraught and blames Harry. In S20 E21, Harry has to treat Nathan’s mum in under 4 hours whilst a journalist is let loose in his department. Being a busy day, the pressure mounts and a mix-up with x-rays leads to Harry messing up Peggy’s treatment. In S20 E23, Ellen tries to speak with Harry alone but a phone call interrupts them. The caller is a young boy, Robbie, whose mother, Carol, has gone into labour after a car crash. Harry and Ellen work together to help Robbie deliver the baby over the phone but tragedy strikes when he is run over by the police car that is out looking for them. Luke brings them into Casualty where Harry and Ellen work on the injured boy. After Robbie is sent to surgery, Nathan and Harry spar over the hospital and the way Harry conducts his affairs. Finally Ellen gets to speak to Harry alone and tells him she is pregnant. She is crushed when he asks her to prove it. Ellen ends up slapping Harry and he tells her to leave. In S20 E25, Harry is still in disbelief over Ellen’s pregnancy and tries to avoid her. Nina confronts Harry, telling him she saw the pregnancy test for herself, and Harry is forced to concede that Ellen may be telling the truth. In S20 E26, a dutifully bound Harry wants to do the right thing by his baby and so proposes marriage to Ellen. Ellen is surprised but pleased to accept his offer. Selena is not happy at the news, whilst Nina tells Ellen, he’s done the right thing. Harry is about to announce his engagement to the department, when Ellen whispers in his ear that the wedding’s off. She doesn’t think they should marry just for the sake of the child. In S20 E29, Harry breaks the news to Ellen that her Consultant has diagnosed her with a molar pregnancy and that she has a growth in her uterus which needs to be removed. Ellen is crushed to learn she has cancer and in S20 E32, tells Harry she has got the all-clear. Nina is the only one she has for support. However Harry eventually finds out in S20 E37 when she is brought into the department after collpasing on the street. He is devestated that she didn’t tell him about her chemo ordeal. In S20 E40, Maggie starts her first day as Consultant – but Nathan tells Harry funding for her post is now not being made available and he has to tell her the news. In S20 E47, Guppy and Harry conflict over the treatment of an overweight patient.

In S21 E1, a number of staff are in Cambodia helping Duffy assist in with her new clinic. Guppy calls in need to Harry to help talk him through a bur hole operation on a boy. Whilst dealing with Guppy’s call, Harry is unable to save a young man who’s taken an overdose and he blames himself. Harry flares up at exchange doctor Somnang who makes a flippant mark about the case. However in S21 E2, Somnang manages to redeem himself as they treat patients from a bus crash. In S21 E3, Harry turns detective when a woman, Gemma, is brought in following a suspected overdose. Events lead him to suspect her GP of acting inappropriately. In S21 E4, Selena and Nathan are back together, but she wants to keep it from her colleagues. Nathan tries to undermine Harry by offering him a position which he would share with Selena. This plan backfires when it brings the friends closer together, which makes Nathan jealous. In S21 E5, Selena’s attempts to prove herself in her new position alongside Harry are causing more harm than good, and both Tess and Harry soon decide they have had enough. Matters aren’t helped when Harry finds Selena kissing Nathan. Following a recent announcement that the Holby ED is to close, in S21 E10, Harry is stunned when the NHS Trust offers him the job of running the new, ‘super ED’ which he has previously been against. With Holby ED closing, and more money and power on offer, Harry reconsiders all his options. In S21 E11, Harry decides to express an interest in the position at St James. With the Trust insisting that if he accepts the job he mustn’t resist the closure of Holby ED, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. But after talking to Ellen, he decides to turn down the job and support Holby. In S21 E15, Ellen is terrified that her cancer has returned. She goes for a scan and is on tenterhooks while she waits for the result whilst also confiding in Harry that she is worried she won’t be able to have children. In S21 E16, as Ellen searches for a woman with Munchausen’s Syndrome, she is hit by a motorbike outside the department. She is rushed into resus but the team are unable to save her. Harry is devestated. In S21 E17, staff members attend Ellen’s funeral. Josh angrily blames Harry for Ellen’s death and the hospital’s demise. Guppy later finds Harry crying in his office. In S21 E18, Charlie finds Harry upset in his office – he takes him up to the hospital roof where Harry is disillusioned with life and devestated by Ellen’s death. When Charlie leaves Harry to contemplate things, he finds a suicidal patient also up on the roof. She has nail-gunned her hand to scaffolding and Harry helps treat her. At the end of his shift, Harry decides to run for the local bi-election. In S21 E20, Harry acts on Maggie’s advice that he needs to be more personable if he wants to succeed in his election campaign when he comforts a distressed Alice – but Nathan sees an opportunity he can’t resist. Next episode in S21 E21, Harry is suspended by Nathan, after he persuades Alice to make a formal complaint of harrassment against him. In S21 E23, Harry’s had enough when news of Alice’s harrassment claim is leaked to the papers. Still feeling regret over making the claims, Alice looks into Harry’s confidential file to see if Nathan’s story that others had complained against him are true but is upset to find out he was lying. As Harry confronts awaiting press, Alice comes forward to say she is withdrawing her complaint against him. In S21 E24, Harry is on the last leg of his campaign trail to save the department from closure but he gets caught up with a case at the hospital which displeases his campaign manager. However the staff are delighted when it is announced he has won the bi-election. In S21 E25, it’s Harry’s last shift but he’s determined that no fuss be made, but Nathan slips up when he arranges a speech infront of everyone. Meanwhile staff suggest a ‘buddah day’ in his honour – an attempt to not have any deaths on that shift. Selena later gives Harry the push for him to embrace his new job and the staff are able to give him the send off he deserves. Later in their office – the pair share a passionate embrace and a jealous Nathan walking past, witnesses their kiss. Next episode Selena is elated at having spent the night with Harry who has left for his new job but hopes to hear from him. But Nathan puts the mockers on her romance when he claims flowers Harry sent are from him and deletes Harry’s text from her phone. This leads to Selena leaving a message for Harry saying their night together was a mistake.

Memorable Moments

  • S17 E1 – After a day out with his children, it turns into a disaster following a helicopter crash.
  • S17 E21 – On his day off, Harry spots a boat in trouble filled with asylum seekers.
  • S17 E27 – Harry is devastated when his wife dies, following a car crash.
  • S18 E10 – Harry confesses his self prescribing to Lara.
  • S18 E21 / S18 E22 – Harry puts lives in danger in a cave.
  • S18 E32 – Harry’s daughter attempts suicide.
  • S7  E11 – Jim and Rosie cling to Harry for survival – but only one survives.
  • S19 E42 – Harry is rebuffed as he declares his feelings for Selena, who’s recently been stabbed.
  • S20 E16 – Harry and Ellen share a kiss in his office at Christmas.\n{KEYWORD:
  • S20 E23 – Ellen tells a shocked Harry she’s pregnant and is upset at his disbelief.
  • S20 E37 – Harry is shocked to learn Ellen has been going through her cancer ordeal without his knowledge.
  • S21 E16 – Harry is devestated following Ellen’s death.
  • S21 E25 – Harry’s last shift before he starts work as an MP and him and Selena share a passionate embrace.


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