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Cas Actor

Heather Peace


APPEARANCE : S20 E24 ‘Out of the Past’

CHARACTER : Viv Challoner

STORYLINE : Jenna is celebrating her 12th birthday at a fairgound with her friends. Her Dad is also there with his new girlfriend, Viv, and Jenna doesn’t like her. Jenna isn’t happy when her Dad is called away and Viv takes them round the rest of the fairground. During laser quest, Jenna collapses with an asthma attack. In hospital, Ellen discovers she faked the attack. Back at home, Viv admits to Jenna that she is infact her real mother. Upset by this more, Jenna, climbs out of her bedroom window. Viv follows her and an accident ensues when Viv falls into a glass house.


APPEARANCE : S5 E8 ‘Ladies Night’

CHARACTER : Gina Wilson


APPEARANCE : S12 E14 ‘A Glorious Reunion’



ACTOR FAMED FOR : Sally Fields in London’s Burning

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